6.24.09 Shake Your Blanc-a-Donk

29 06 2009

Is it worth it? Let me work it. I put my blanc down, flip it and reverse it…

Summer’s here in SF. Thus we needed to get down with some crisp, refreshing white wine so we chose Sauvignon Blanc.


Up first was an 08 Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc (CA), $11. At first we were scared by an appelation as big as well, California, until shortly after we learned that a Pomelo is THE biggest citrus fruit in the world. The nose provided some grassiness, Nikki smelled white grapefruit, andKatie got some kind of floral component and joked that the wine smelled like the biggest citrus fruit in the world. It reminded Nikki of being Jewish and dipping parsley in salt water.
The palate was viscous and not very crisp. Katie got celery that’s been in a bloody mary, and overall we found that it fell short on the acid we were looking for and becomes “wrong” for Sauv Blanc. Still, at $11, a good value.

Taking a trip down to Argentina, we tried the 08 Zolo “Gaucho Select” Sauvignon Blanc (Mendoza, Argentina), $12. Off the bat I got dill, Collin got pete moss, Katie got Crisco, and Nikki got a crazy combo of Russian tea cookies and pineapple banana smoothie.
The palate on this wine was hella tart. Nikki and I picked up on a lot more acidity. Several of us got meyer lemon, and overall just freaking oodles of citrus.

Bringing it back home to the Napa Valley was an 07 St. Supery “Dollarhide” Sauvignon Blanc (Napa Valley), $35. Katie got peanut brittle on the nose, Kim also noticed a nutty component, Collin found it grassy.
Kim thought the palate tasted like high school biology class, and several of us agreed. On a more appealing note, there was some lime. This may have been a potentially bad bottle or possibly over the hill, which would be odd for an 07. Not a favorite.

Lastly (but not leastly), we tried an 07 Carica “Kick Ranch” Sauvignon Blanc (Rincon Valley), $20. Right off the bat, Katie said that this was a “very, very interesting and complex wine.” Maybe it was the Rincon Valley fruit coming from north eastern Santa Rosa in Sonoma County. Maybe it was the blend of 60% Sauvignon Blanc and 40% Sauvignon Musque (a clone of Sauv Blanc). Whatever it was, we got a bunch of interesting components, like Kim and Nikki noticing a creamy baby food smell, Collin and I noticed a citrusy/lime aspect, Nikki got mango and tropical dried fruit.

Carica's Sauvignon Blanc... Yum

On the palate, it was very plush and soft. Katie got vanilla. Nikki commented on the really long finish and noticed some spice. I got some fig on the finish, coincidentally Carica fig in Latin. This was undoubtedly the favorite of the night and was enjoyed by all. Even the photogenic cat wanted some.

I can haz wine?

I can haz wine?






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