7.29.09 Double Trouble with Bubbles

4 08 2009

The occasion? Tim and my birthday.
The time? For celebration.
The location? Swirl on Castro.
The goods? International bubbly.
Drinking sparkling wine with other young winos? F-ing priceless.

Most of the lineup

The details?…

NV [Non-Vintage] Contessagiulia Prosecco (Veneto, Italy), $16. On the nose, it smelled like a bakery to me. Muffins, scones, and doughy goodness galore. Tim got some green apple, Ellen got sweet cream, and Katie thought this sh*t was bananas. Ahem, smelled like bananas.
Il palato revealed flavors of apricot and artificial lime flavor, like you get from the little green plastic squirt bottles, as noticed by Katie. I got gobs of peach and stonefruit. We freaking loved this prosecco. Molto bene uncle Tony.

Off to España next for a NV Parés Balta Brut Cava, (Penedes, Spain). Johny thought it smelled like a meadow and Ellen continued the notion by suggesting it smelled like laying in the grass, with some pear overtones. Katie got dandelion and I got toasted coconut.
Melanie found the palate to be hella bubbly, Ellen thought it wasn’t as smooth as the Prosecco and noticed the flavor of pomelo (giant citrus, wikipedia it or see our Sauv Blanc tasting notes). I found it to be pretty highin acidity with flavors of cream and green apple. Not bad, but not great. Good enough for a Spanish toast…

Bringing it home to Napa, we next tasted a 2005 Domain Carneros (by Taittinger) Sparkling Brut, (Carneros, CA), $24.50. Katie got melted butter, toffee, and brown sugar on the nose and suggested it smelled like commencing a cookie baking sesh. Melanie found it floral. I found it a little funky.
As for the palate, Fernanda exclaimed, “It tastes like Champagne!” … we’re on the right track. Katie found it creamy upfront with a grassy finish. Melanie got fruity, green/sour apple. Tasty.

Bubbly: the best ivention since sliced bread

Bubbly: the best ivention since sliced bread

Keepin’ it classy, we threw in a NV J. Lassalle Premier Cru Brut Champagne, (Chigny-les-Roses, Reims, France), $36. Melanie got chimney/smokey aromas. Fernanda thought it smelled weird. I got a nutty component. Katie got canned green beans.
The palate gave me whole wheat toast, brioche, and nutty flavors. Melanie got dried fruits and berries. Katie got green pepper. Interesting stuff.

And the ringer, a 2004 Extra Toso Sparkling Pinot Noir Extra Brut (Mendoza, Argentina…!), $24. This was likely the first bottle o’ bubb from Argentina most of us had ever tried. I got caramel on the nose, Katie, got fig, razzle dazzle (raspberry), and Alan Greenspan. Melanie thought it smelled like the diamond she had tried on earlier that day. Obviously, we’d tossed back a couple glasses of bubb.
Tim got roasted almonds on the palate. Katie found it floral, tasting like rose petals. Tasted like a berry bonanza to me. Unique descriptors for a unique wine from a New World wine-growing region on the up-and-up.

At the end of the day, we can all agree that bubbles make it better. Salud!


Celebratory Winos

Celebratory Winos




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