8.19.09 Sexy Spanish Whites

30 08 2009

¡Ay dios mio! This was probably our biggest lineup to date…

Holy guacaomole...

Los Vinos

Thankfully, Spaniards go grande, or go casa. And so do we.

Para empezar? A 2007 X’armant  Basque White Wine (Txakoli, Basque Country, Spain), $15. First off, don’t ask us how to pronounce the wine region (chah-coal-ee?). Second, x’armant means “charming” in Basque, which this wine was. And third, Nikki found the nose bright and citrusy with lemon and mineral components all up in her nose. Chris thought it smelled like pear and Kelly Naughton. Katie got bar soap.Valerie got “zestfully clean hand sanitizer.”
The palate, according to Nikki, had super high acid, with a slight zippy effervescence. Chris thought it started out crisp and finished with a “funk chaser.” Katie found it lemony and Fernanda seconded that with a citrus component. We enjoyed this wine mucho.

Muy sexy labe, muy sexy vino

Muy sexy label, muy sexy vino

Numero 2: 2008 Pazo Serantellos Albariño, (Rias Baixas, Spain). Off the bat, Katie got mad melon – honeydew style – with some green Starburst overtones on the nose. Nikki picked up caramelized sugar and brioche. Colin got marshmallow and Fernanda found it yeasty, like sparkling wine.
To me, the palate was creamy, not tart, and voluptuous. This wine got back, IF you know what I mean. Colin got a Bailey’s Irish Cream flavor, Nikki got cantaloupe and prosciutto, and Tim thought it tasted like a lot of nothing.

Tres: 2008 Salneval Albariño (Rias Baixas, Spain), $10.
The nose? Nikki got Bazooka bubble gum, and along with Katie got banana Runts (the little banana candy). Colin got sparkling cider. Valerie got green apple Jolly Rancher.
Fernanda found  that the banana Runts smell was echoed in the palate with artificial banana flavor. I got pineapple mango madness, saying it was like a “daquiri in a… glass?” Nikki, Colin, and Brie also echoed the tropical fruitapalooza.

Up next was a 2008 Granbazán Albariño (Rias Baixas, Spain), $13. To me, the nose smelled like tropical vacation. Nikki thought it smelled like homely combo of interior design, upholstery, and Pottery Barn. Katie got fresh coconut and Colin got tobacco.
The palate was hella tart, like War Head super sour candy from 4th grade and tasted like a crisp refreshing spring day. Nikki got sour powder and lime oil while Val got quince.

2007 Nessa Albariño (Rias Baixas, Spain), $16. Val got hibiscus on the nose and Colin got pineapple and clean linen. I got watered down pineapple juice and a vegetal component. Brie found it perfumey and Katie got walnut.
The palate showed some asparagus, Fernanda got bitterness, and Katie got unripe fruit.

2007 Valmiñor Albariño (Rias Baixas), $16. Colin got varnish on the nose. I got unripe lemons, Nikki got Brussel sprouts, linseed oil(?), and sugar in the raw. Val seconded the saccharine smell with sugar cane and brown sugar. Katie got green and yellow apples.
Nikki got melon, grassiness, and effervescence on the palate. Colin found it moderately tart. I got some greenness/vegetal action.

2007 Castro de Lobarzán, White Blend 80% Godello, 20% Treixadura (Monterrei, Galicia, Spain), $13. Nikki got pear on the nose while Val noticed peach, nectarine, honey, and facial toner. To Brie it smelled like summer. Tim found it mild and soft with an artificial grape aroma. I got citrus. Colin, Val, and Chris C concluded that it smelled like a stale hippy’s apartment sprayed with some Febreeze.
Nikki and I got banana and other shit on the palate, F.T.W. Tim still got artificial grape. Katie got crisp(!) green apples.

2007 Viña Sila “Las Brisas” White Blend 50% Verdejo with Sauvignon Blanc and Viura, (Rueda, Spain), $11. The nose smelled like lemon custard yogurt meringue according to Nikki. Val got mango and Chris C got Cheerios. Colin got body odor. Katie got aioli.
The palate? Yeah… the palate… um, we don’t really remember/I lost the 4th page of notes. Whoops and I can’t imagine how that happened after bottle number 8…

And the ringer:
2007 SUNBOX eleven Winery “The Maverick” 50/50 Marsanne/Roussanne (Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, CA), $65.
As you may or may not know, Sonoma County is not in Spain. BUT, after a bajillion crisp albariños, you gotta shake things up a bit. I was lucky to snag a sample of this boutique winery’s white Rhone blend so I brought it to the tasting.
Colin got vanilla on the nose. Nikki and Katie got dill, and Nikki noticed the nose opened up to winter spice after some more swirling. Tim found it floral and complex, with a fresh cut cedar component.
The palate was equally complex as the nose; very balanced and round. Nikki found it nutty like cashew butter. Chris C and Brie got anise. This wine was the favorite of the night. Said Tim, “This is so good. F&@% the Spanish wine. (No offense.)”

Back to España…

2007 Olvena “O” Chardonnay (Somontano, Aragón, Spain), $14. Colin got the funk of 40,000 [somethings] on the nose. Chris C got vegetable oil, like Crisco.
On the palate, it tasted like an albariñoed chardonnay to me. And yes, I used albariño as a verb. Sue me, bitch, I’ll drink you under the table. See:

Downing (and later choking on) Vino Blanco

Downing (and later choking on) vino blanco

2007 Marqués de Cáceres, White Rioja, 100% Viura (Rioja, Spain), $7. The nose was nectarine-ish, said Katie. The palate had nice minerality. Also nice? Taking this and what ever was left to the elevator party on the way out:


Winos Jovenes de San Francisco

Winos Jovenes de San Francisco




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