09.09.09 Comparing Pinots: Gris vs Grigrio

26 09 2009
The lineup

The lineup

Pinot Gris? Pinot Grigio? Would a Pinot by any other name smell as citrusy or green appley? We dared find out. We started with the generally crisper Pinot Grigios then moved on to a couple Pinot Gris, and finished with a whack blend with some percentage of Pinot Grigio.

2007 Süditrol-Eislachtaler Pinot Grigio (Alto Adige, Italy), $17.
Katie got a citrus spritz of air freshener and mineral on the nose. Nikki got white peach, paté, and along with Colin, formaldehyde. I got chemical’d lemon zest and Tim got lemongrass. Colin got honey, marmalade, and lemon while Ellen got peary-peach.
The palate

2006 St. Paul’s Pinot Grigio (Egg Leiten Vineyard, Alto Adige, Italy), $23. The nose on this pinot of the grigio variety gave us cinnamon green apple, and Chris C. and I got Dijon mustard. Katie got rye and arugula, Colin got powdered sugar, Eric got Granma soap vs. white pepper, Brie got 99 Bananas, Ellen got pear, Nikki got cucumber and celery, and Tim got a salty mineral component. Hella diversity up in this nose.
The palate had noticeable minerality with some slightly noticeable alcohol, and an finish that was like having a rock in your mouth (minerally rock, not covered in dirt, gray, and preferably shiny). Nikki got banana flavored Now N’ Later + radish, Tim got mild aged cheese, Colin found it very light with nasty green banana, and Katie found it floral but like eating an unripe flower.

2008 Pisato Pinot Grigio (Veneto, Italy), $11. The nose was fresh and sweet to Brie, Katie got sugar covered gummy candy and honeydew melon, Colin and Tim got green apple along with Ellen, who also got honey.  Eric F. got salty refreshing sea shore, and Tim got ocean and more fuckin’ grass. Oh, and Tim got sparkles, and Chris C. got sparkly unicorn.
The palate was juicy and smooth, Tim found it refreshing, balanced, and easy, if not a little boring. Nikki thought it was balanced with nice acidity and easy drinkin’. Katie found it balanced and refreshing, like ice water with lime. Ellen thought it was slightly salty with a light finish and easy to drink.

2008 Hatcher Pinot Grigio (El Dorado County, CA), $16. The nose on this bitch gave us a barrel o’ tart green apple, Nikki got pear, cucumber, melon and musk, while  Brie got perfume, Katie found it soapy/yeasty, and Ellen got pear and the baby cousin of funk. On that note, Tim got hot mess boy smell/last call at Badlands bar SF.
The palate was hella tart with yet even more green apple, Tim found it high in acid while Nikki found it crisp and lemony, Katie got lychee, and Colin got caramel apple.

2008 Firefly Ridge Pinot Gris (Central Coast, CA), $16. Straying from green apple, I got got canned green beans on the nose and apple juice. Tim got candied fruit and Nikki got candied peach rings, lychee, and seconded the canned green beans. Colin got lychee and juice box style apple juice. Brie got smooth cream. Katie got LYCHEE (in caps) and white grape juice. Ellen got peach-O’s, more lychee, and Tree Top apple juice blend from the box.
The palate afforded honey, spice, and alch to me. Tim got artificial sugar, and thought it tasted cheap. Nikki found it sweet, and white grapefruity (as did Colin and Katie). Ellen found it sweet as well with flavors of peach-O gummies.

2007 J Vineyards & Winery Pinot Gris (Russian River Valley, CA), $20. The nose was faint with minerally waxed apple component. Nikki found it champagne-y, yeasty, and smelling like baked pear tart. Ellen got pungent blue cheese. Katie got creamy, sunflower polenta.
The palate showed honey, with a minerally roundness. Colin got creamy vanilla icing. Nikki got dark green Mr. Sketch marker and found it very balanced. Tim, Nikki, and Ellen found it slightly sweet and Katie thought it had good acidity.

2007 Luna Vineyards “Freakout” White Blend (Napa Valley, CA), $25. This was ridic blend of 32% sauvignon blanc, 29% chardonnay, 29% pinot grigio and 10% tocai friulano had aromas of ham(!) and sulfur to me and Eric F. Katie thought it smelled like Heath Bar. Nikki got gefilte fish, prosciutto, matzo ball soup, and probably some other Jewish/meaty component. Ellen took the ham up a notch to deviled ham. Made from evil pigs in hell.
The palate was funky, with Nikki getting minerality and not a lot more. Katie and Ellen found it salty and Ellen got a meaty component with a hint of white grape. Interesting to say the least.

Lovely winos

Gracefully Grigio'd Winos




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