11.04.09 Just Another Riesling To Drink

8 01 2010


#1. Herman J. Weimar 2006, Dry Riesling
$18 (top 100)
Rating 6.5

Nikki got wet stone, mineral, lime pith and canned fruit cocktail.  Joel got New Zealand Sauv Blanc.  Kelly smelled pear and Ellen narrowed it down to unripe pear.

Kelly said it didn’t taste dry and it did taste like elderflower.  Ellen got pear reduced with honey.  Fernanda said it was a bit sweet.  Katie tasted mild citrus and Nikki said it tasted a bit acidic.


#2. Kerpen 2006 Bernkasteler Bratenhofchen
Rating 7

Nikki got dried apricots and Ellen smelled kumquats.  Kelly says it smells like petrol. Katie smelled pink starburst but Joel say he smelled cherry starburst.

Ellen and Eric F got honey.  Alea got a “smidge” of apple. Colin got apple juice.  Katie got a floral-ly honeysuckle which prompted Nikki to say “I could get down with Gardenia”


#3 Leitz Dragonstone Riesling Rheingauz
Rating 7.5

Ellen got a meaty smell while Alea smelled something more minerally. Colin smelled his grandma’s bathroom soap. Continuing the clean notes, Nikki smelled clean cotton (and key lime pie. Katie got graham cracker crust) and Joel got Febreeze.  Fernanda smelled bubbles.

Colin tasted lemon and Kelly got lemon honey.  Eric got acidic yellow peach and Nikki got sweet stone fruit.  Other general tastes – lime, honeysuckle and (juicy) peach.

Sometimes wine is serious

#4 Koster-Wolf Weingart 2007 Riesling

Colin smelled cured meat; Ellen got general meatiness. Katie got saltiness on the nose.  This wine reminded Joel of summer and oysters.  Kelly said the wine smelled like a “That’s what she said” joke.  Nikki got a banana now n later and chicken nuggets.

Kelly said it tasted higher in acidity.  Katie said it tasted like biting on a lime peel

Happy Birthday Dave

#5 Pewsey Valte 08 Dry Riesling
Rating 5.5 / rearranged Mr. Potato

Katie smelled coconut and sweet condensed milk.  Kelly smelled lemon pith. Joel smelled mandarin orange.

Ellen got crisp pear and Eric R. got windex.  Nikki got cotton candy and Salon Selectives Hair Spray (in the pink bottle).  Alea got blueberry spritzer.  Kelly decided that this bitch is AWKWARD but he likes the mid palate.

Group foto

#6 08 Chateau St.

Dave got banana runts.  Katie got candy necklace and dried pineapple.  Joel got super ripe passion fruit and ginger.  Nikki and Kelly both got orange blossom.  Ellen smelled jasmine.

Kelly feels like people in the middle of America will like this wine.  Ellen tasted simple syrup.  Nikki said it tasted sweet like peach Toroni syrup.

Not Rieslings




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