11.11.09 Living in Zin

26 01 2010

Back in May, the YWSF inaugural wine tasting featured Zinfandel, the bastard-child grape of California.  We who love to zin couldn’t wait any longer to taste more, so we brought it back for ROUND 2.

1. 2006 Sol Rouge, Tom Feeney Ranch, Russian River Valley
2. 2000 Bontera, Mendocino
3. 2005 Meeker, Winemaker’s Reserve, Dry Creek
4. 2008 Seghesio, Sonoma
5. 2007 Foggy Bridge, Sonoma
6. 2007 Canard Savage, Dry Creek
7. 2007 Hendry, Napa
8. 2007 Jelly Jar, Lake County
9. 2006 Murphy Goode “Liar’s Die”, Sonoma
10. 2007 Deadly Zins, Lodi
11. 2005 Stonehedge, Napa

The line up. plus bubbles

1. 2006 Sol Rouge, Tom Feeney Ranch Zinfandel, Russian River Valley

Nose: Katie smelled meaty action, but good meat as well as brown cinnamon magic marker. Alea got boysenberies, and Colin thought it smelled syrupy. Kelly noticed that it looked light but smelled dark.

Palate: Russell said it punched him in the throat, in a good way. Alea tasted currrants and Katie thought it was really balanced in the mouthfeel. Kelly tasted spicy RAZberries. Adam added that it was smooth and really easy to drink.

Average rating: 7.5/10

Price: $36

2. 2000 Bontera , Mendocino

Nose: Ellen smelled port and Katie got pomegranate liquer. Kelly thought it smelled like brown sugar and  Colin and Alea agreed on leather.

Palate: Russell picked up on the leather when tasting the wine and thought it was a bit acidic. Dave asked if there was something wrong with the wine, while Ellen wondered if someone squeezed a lemon in it.  Kelly tasted blackberries. Overall this wasn’t a favorite.

Average rating: 5.5/10

Price: $15

Tastes like zin

3. 2005 Meeker, Winemaker’s Reserve, Dry Creek

Nose: Dave smelled some tabaco and everyone thought it reeked of plastic/laytex/rubber. Kelly noted that it smelled robust, and a bit like cough syrup.

Palate: Many thought cherry was the dominant flavor and that it was a juicy wine. Katie mentioned it was very acidic and kind of burned the top of your mouth.

Average rating: 4.5/10

Price: $32

4. 2008 Seghesio, Sonoma

Nose: Russell picked up on some olives while Dave smelled movie popcorn.  Katie and Ellen both got some balsamic action.  Jessalyn and Nikki agreed on almond skin. Katie got something floral and perfumy and Kelly confirmed that it was orange blossoms.

Palate: Jessalyn tasted a sweet sundae and then BBQ sausage. Alea thought it was perfectly balanced and Katie said it was slightly sweet. Russell picked up on a bit of carbonation. Ellen got a berry/current blend that hit her late on the palate. Alea got aged dark fruit and others thought blackberry.

Average rating: 7.3/10

Price: $19


5. 2007 Foggy Bridge, Sonoma

Nose: Russell smelled a musty jacket right away, while Jessalyn got alcohol. Nikki smelled some autumn vegetables and acorn squash and Kelly got plum and brown sugar. Sounds like a tasty meal. Alea was inspired by plums and thought it resembled a sugar plum fairy that just gargled cum?! As the nose opened up Colin smelled blackberry and Katie got licorice.  Russell finally got gargled cum, agreeing with Alea.

Taste: The palate wasn’t as complex as the nose. Russel got nuts (related to cum maybe?!) Alea thought it was buttery. Everyone thought it was pleasingly light and slightly acidic.

Average Rating: 7.5/10

Price: $26

6. 2007 Canard Savage, Dry Creek

Nose: This wine inspired Ellen to smell “berry-licious!” Alea thought it was a bit earthy for a zin, and Dave thought it smelled like hidden moss.  Jessalyn got salty mussel water and Katie got fig. Colin smelled some pepper and Eric F. got more specific with white pepper dust.

Palate: Kelly tasted a fruit bomb right away.  Katie picked up on a bit of soy sauce and Dave thought it was a “yuppy zin”.  Others picked up on some pepper.

Average Rating: 7/10

Price: $10

The Foggy Bridge crew

7.  2007 Hendry, Napa

Nose: Colin got Robitussen on the nose and others agreed with aged cherry. Adam just gave us a thumbs up. Nikki smelled shampoo from her childhood.  Ellen said “Nikki smells her childhood but tastes her Jewish heritage.” On the other hand, Jessalyn thought it smelled like the dried mud you flick off your shoes after a hike.

Palate: When tasting this wine, Russell immediately got cotton mouth. Eric F tasted goodness but Dave got nothing special just some fruity wine. Kelly thought it was balance and Eric R said it reminded him of antacid.

Average rating: 6.5/10

Price: $15

8. 2007 Jelly Jar, Lake County

Nose: Alea sniffed and said “straight dry erase” and also some blueberry. According to the notes Colin smelled glass, but when I checked with him he thought it was most likely ass, but then he remembered liking the wine so it’s unclear. Someone else smelled sharpie but in a good way and Adam got flowers. Others smelled vanilla as well.

Palate: Jessalyn got lemonade on the palate, which prompted someone else to taste lemon chocolate (whatever that is). Dave got vanilla and Ellen thought it was musky. Kelly said  jammy zin and palate fatigue.

Average rating: 6.5/10

Price: $23

Group FOTO

9. 2006 Murphy Goode “Liar’s Dice”, Sonoma

Nose: Alea got soy sauce and Katie smelled plum sauce. Russell chimed in with dim sum. Ellen thought it smelled more like watered-down grape juice and Kelly got some funkberry. Katie also smelled craisins.

Palate: Dave thought the palate was a shocking surprise and Jessalyn just described it with an “EEK!”. They both decided that it tasted like grapes forcibly syringe-injected with laboratory alcohol. (I swear that is what it says, I just read the notes). Katie picked up on some vanilla/baked goods flavors and Colin said it was Hot, with a capital H.

Average rating: 7/10 (this seems suspicious given the descriptors, this is the time of the night when ratings become less accurate)

Price: $16

10. 2007 Deadly Zins, Lodi

Nose: Everyone thought it smelled like cheese, creamy cheese, gouda, mozzarella. Probably because we all started eating cheese. Colin also smelled some black licorice.

Palate: Green olives, bacon, and zinfandel (ha!).

Average rating: 8??/10 (Not sure anyone actually voted on this rating, or else it was the rating for the cheese)

Price: $10

11. 2005 Stonehedge, Napa

Nose: Russ smelled some campfire on this one, specifically a “pig on a rotisserie thing”. Dave thought it smelled like home interior paint. Colin and Kelly agreed on pepperoni pizza with green bell pepper.

Palate: Colin thought it tasted like used coffee grounds.

Average rating: Drunk/10

Price: $10


We also had some bubbles and cake to celebrate Colin’s 28th birthday.

Happy bday Colin




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31 01 2010
Loren Rasul

I agree, good stuff.

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