01.13.2010 Cheap Date Night

7 03 2010

Despite our taste for the finer things, then comes a time in every young wino’s life when we find ourselves dreadfully sober and dreadfully poor. To bring light to those dark times, we resort to cheap wine…. and it’s awesome!!! Dave was our gracious host, and we put our palates at risk with an upper price limit of $10 per bottle for the night.

2007 Paso a Paso Verdejo (Spain)

On the nose, Nikki smelled cucumber, Andrea found white grapefruit, Ellen the early stages of caramelizing sugar, and Alea got a honeysuckle aroma. The palate showed lemon water for Andrea, lemon pith for Nikki, cream for Dave, and Colin found the grapefruit from the nose.
Rating: 5.5/10

2005 Denner Viogner (Paso Robles)

The seaweed smell Andrea picked up foreshadowed this wine’s poor showing. Katie smelled the syrup from canned peaches, Dave smelled pear, and Ellen found an unpleasant paint thinner aroma. Russ actually tasted pain thinner, Colin thought it tasted like spoiled apple juice, and Brian tasted raisins. This got us to a dispute over the origin of the wine – a label Tim had recommended and Katie had purchased at a discount wine joint on Polk. Tim said it tasted like “sadness,” and Katie tasted “Tim’s betrayal,” and apparently Nikki wasn’t sucked into the drama because she wrapped up the tasting notes with burnt butterscotch pudding.
Rating: 2/10 and a frowny face

2008 Grande River (Palisade, CO)

This blend of 75% Semillon and 25% Sauvignon Blanc came to us from an unusual part of the country for wine, but it held its own. Russ initially smelled the odor of moss on a rock, while Colin got some parmesan cheese. Brian smelled melon, and Nikki added green grapes, while Katie smelled kiwi.

The kiwi carried to the palate, where Brian tasted it as well as lychee fruits. Ellen got muscat, while Tim had “citrusy orange peel” (which seems redundant).
Rating: 6/10

Moscato d’Asti DOCG (some details missing)

This Italian white started out with a scent of peach gummy-o’s that both Ellen and Nikki picked up. Katie also got dried rose petals or potpourri, and Russ smelled peach cobbler. Peach continued onto the palate where Ellen tasted peach Jell-O (which, frankly, sounds made-up), and Katie also described it as effervescent.
Rating: 7/10

2008 Trinity Oaks Pinot Noir (California)

Colin started out the notes on this one with a coffee aroma, while Dave smelled bark and Ellen painted an overall picture of a men’s lounge, lined with leather, raising some questions about where she spends her time outside of the Winos. Colin continued the notes with a strawberry-flavored generic brand cookie, and Nikki smelled green olives.

Nikki thought this wine tasted prickly, like a porcupine, and Ellen tasted half strawberry and half raspberry. Andrew tasted the bark that Dave had found on the nose, while Dave thought the wine tasted rubbery, like a bad hookup…
Rating: Too drunk to bother (and after only 4 wines)

Opolo (vintage, terroir, and other details lost to history)

Alea found currant and blackberries on the nose of this wine, while Katie smelled raw leather and Tim pine needles. Nikki got raisins, and Alea thought it smelled like a Malbec. Moving to palate, Katie thought it was like licking a carpet, i.e. very tannic, while Alea tasted pine and again, like a Malbec.
Rating: Still too drunk

2008 Moulin de Gassac Guilhem (Vin de Pays de l’Hérault)

This Languedoc-region blend is a blend of six varietals (link for Francophiles only), and resulted in some complex and random tasty notes. Russ got “butta,” and Ellen added it was “not quite at Paula Dean level,” while Alea got turkey bacon. On the palate Ellen found fennel and Russ tasted just water, to which Dave added “not much else”.
Rating: “Pass”

2006 Chateau de Gaudou (Cahors AOC)

This was a blend of Malbec, Merlot and the somewhat obscure Tannat. Dave tasted fish on the “edge” of the wine, while Katie thought it was stinky and smelled of licorice, and Alea smelled compost. For taste, Eric described it as a tannin Jolly Rancher, Alea tasted a buttery finish, and Eric added a “glove” taste. Russ thought it tasted of passive-aggressive bitch, and Katie tasted nail polish remover.
Rating: Still too drunk

Tres Pinos (vintage and details lost to drunken history)

Kelly started us off with a nose note that pretty much sums up the wine: “three penises.” What kind? “Asian, black and Jewish.” Cherie also smelled pepper and Ellen blackberry, but let’s face it, the credibility of tasting notes for this wine is in serious question.

We actually ended up tasting about 3 more bottles but at this point in the evening the cheap fermented grape juice had gone to our heads and both our note-taking and tasting capbilities were shot.

Here’s a special video of Kelly drinking a Penfolds Cabernet:




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