01.27.2010 Bring Your Favorite Italian Wine

16 03 2010

Adam graciously hosted this event in his near-empty apartment, thus the theme “Bring your favorite Italian White and your favorite chair”. Luckily we had more than enough seats. Salute!



1. Tentuta delle Terre Nere, Etna Bianco 2008

Nose: Katie got some kumquat action and Nikki got lemon. Andrew H. got some granny smith apples while Andrew F (Fish) smelled some grapes. Colin got white grape juice and Kelly picked up on “musky something-ness”.

Palate: Kelly tasted some citrus and thought this wine would go well with food. Fish got some sour and tart flavors while Alea tasted unripe pears. Katie thought it was like watermelon rind and Colin tasted whitegrapefruit juice and noted that the wine got better over time. Nikki noted that she wanted to like it more than did.

Average rating: 6    Location: Ruby Wines    Price: $21

2. Pico Maccario Lavignone, Barbera D’Asti 2007

Nose: Katie smelled bluebeery and dried strawberry, Colin picked up on blueberry cobbler and Nikki got rhubarb. Kelly thought it was light fruity like a fruit roll-up. Alea picked up on plum, leather boots, and moss.

Palate: Kelly said it had pleasing acidity and Alea thought it was Merlot-esque. Colin tasted prune and Fish got some citrus action. Nikki said that it was floral, and had a violet-thing. Katie picked up on some salt water taffy after taste.

Rating: 7.4  Location Nob Hill’s Finest   Price: $14

3. “Tra Neuite Di” Tentuta Garetteo, Barbera D’Asti, 2008

Nose: Nikki smelled some tar and leather and Kelly got some ass…. phault. Russell picked up on musky fruit and Fish got cardamon. Colin thought it was perfumy, Kelly smelled brown spice, and Alea got cinamon.

Palate: Colin tasted the baking spices on the palate and Kelly got specific with cloves and nutmeg backed by dark red fruit. Russ tasted vanilla, Nikki got pumpkin pie but without the pumpkin (???) and Katie got some pure juicy juice.

Rating: 7.5    Location: Wine Merchant (Ferry Building)   Price: $16

sweet pour

4. Marotti Campi Rubico Lacrima di Morro D’Alba 2008

Nose: Colin smelled the car wash and salon shampoo while Kelly got schnozberry and sex in a glass. Nikki picked up on dried mang, red plum, and fruit in South America. Katie said it was real perfumy and watermelon and Alea smelled mango, passion fruit, and bubble gum. Dave just said the wine smelled really good, Russ got papaya, Eric R got Ramputn (???) and Adam got strawberries.

Palate: Colin tasted bubblegum — and so did everyone else! Kelly said it was double hella bubble. Alea tasted fig and a brazilian man

Rating: 6   Location: Wine Mine (Oakland)   Price $13

5. San Cristofora Carandelle Sangiovese 2007

Nose: Colin smelled natural honey and Russ got some baked pumpkin seed. Nikki smelled black olives, raisin, and raisin bran. Katie thought it was more like black licorice poo-ey but pooh bear’s poo. Alea stuck with the theme and smelled some horse droppings and possibly rabbit droppings. Jessalyn got sour grass.

Palate: Colin thought it tasted grassy and Katie said milky. Jessalyn got warm blueberry yogurt (gross who eats warm yogurt?) and bark. Dave didn’t really like it but Kelly thought it was like a smooth Italian nipple. Alea tasted some raspberry-medium fruit (???) and Fish thought it was grainy.

Rating: 6.25    Location: Swirl    Price: $22

Adam's excellent view

6. Chianti Classico, “Isole e Olena” 2005

Nose: Alea smelled Cinanmon Toast Crunch and Colin got cheese. Megan picked up on vanilla creme brulee and Katie thought it was sourdough and gasoline. Andrew smelled rose and Kelly got something smokey and meaty.

Palate: Colin tasted lemon and vanilla and Dave noted that it was sharp at the beginning.  Alea said it was crisp for a red-hot.  Katie got cherries on the back end, Megan tasted brown sugar, Jessalyn got bruised cherry, and Rhino just said “angry drunk”.

Rating: 6   Location: Vino!   Price: $20

7. Banfi Chianti Classico Riserva, 2006

Nose: Katie smelled vanilla and apple while Colin got vanilla, dirt, and soupcoma of cat food. Alea and Kelly smelled caramel apple. Dave thought the nose was balanced. Megan thought it smelled like a carnival, especially like cotton candy.

Palate: Megan thought it tasted like a straight man in a bottle and Bearnaise sauce. Kelly licked some juicy juicy. Dave thought it tasted chalky while Jessalyn got radishes turning into blueberries. Colin said it was peppery and Alea tasted dark fruit and raspberry/plum reduction.

Rating: 6   Location: Wine Mine    Price: $14


8. Layer Cake Primotivo Puglia 2007

Nose: Katie smelled some port and Nikki got burnt chocolate, s’mores and earthiness. Alea all got marshmallows and some butterscotch while it reminded Megan of a walk through the woods.  Dave smelled pepper and some mystery person named Darcy (according to the notes ???) thought it smelled like the morning after. Eric smelled rum cake.

Palate: Nikki tasted raisin syrup, Jess got cake and tequila, Andrew tasted grenadine, and Katie thought it was hot. Alea got extreme  sweetness.

THERE WAS A MOMENT WHEN CHEESE FLEW. And with that we failed to rate this last wine or figure out how much it costs. Whooops!

group foto

Later in the evening Jessalyn took a poll asking “What do you wish the Young Winos could do for you in 2010?” Here are the candid and unedited answers…

Fish: Wine and cupcakes

Dave: Discounts with a Young Winos card with a distributor

Megan: FIELD TRIPS! I want to know more about what I taste. More about varietals and more edutoxication from our in-house experts.

Russell: I like what the group does for me at the moment – a creative outlet for wine.

Colin: FREE WINE! from various wineries, let’s be a promotional engine!

Mike (the new guy): I know nothing about wine – what the heck is Merlot??? This is a fun group but I work nights.

Eric: I want the Young Winos to expose me to wines I really like, wines I am compelled to buy.

Wanda: I want to expose myselfs to gain acess to better wine.

Alea: I wish Young Winos would find me the man of my dreams.

Adam: I wish Young Winos would not be so serious.

Kelly: Expand my palate, mind, and sexual horizons

Nikki: I wanted to get laid, but there were no straight guys so now I want the Young Winos to make me breakfast: mimosa with omelet, brioche, homemade jam, home fries with rosemary thyme, and tapatio.

This is what the young winos can do for YOU




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