02.03.2010 Northwest Whites

22 03 2010

1. 2008 Willamette Valley Vineyards Pinot Gris ($16)

Nose: Dave smelled some ice and “dirty hippies of the clean variety”. Brent got pear while Riana thought it was minerally. Katie smelled some green apples.

Palate: Jessalyn, Russ, and Brent tasted green apples and Dave got hard apple cider. Nikki picked up on some honeysuckle and Tim (not Borjas) liked it even thought he usually  doesn’t like white wine. Katie tasted some lemon juice and Alea got lemongrass

Rating: 7

That's a HUGE box of crackers

2. 2008 King Estate Oregon Pinot Gris ($17)

Nose: Dave thought it smelled a bit sweaty and Russell got flat soda. Alea picked up on some blue cheese and pistachios.

Palate: Katie tasted jicama, Katherine got grapefruit, and Jessalyn said it was tingly on the tongue like from pineapple. For some reason Dave mentioned Channing Tatum’s disfigured penis.

Rating: 6

3. 2008 Aerobat Oregon Pinot Gris ($18)

Nose: Jessalyn smelled some oak on this one along with craisins and Dave got some sour apple action. Ellen smelled watered down apple pucker and Katie got pear. Nikki picked up on some baking spice and Kelly got bubble gum.

Palate: Alea thought it tasted crisp, Jessalyn tasted lemon bars, and Brent thought it was sweet.  Russell got some margaritas on the finish.

Rating: 6.75

Pour it

4. 2008 Bentonlane Oregon Pinot Gris ($18)

Nose: Russell got sugar and flavored nose on this beauty. Dave got some ideas from that and smelled some rubber. Nikki got us back on track with some buttered popcorn and Ellen smelled some sauteed pear in melted butter. Alea picked up on butterscotch, Karl smelled pear, and Jessalyn distracted us again by smelling virginity. Kelly smelled lemons, Katie got lemon starburst, Brent smelled grapefruits, and Karl smelled oro blanco. Overall, a complex and alluring nose on this wine.

Palate: Tim thought it wine was too tart and Nikki thought it was more full bodied than the previous wines. Kelly thought it was well balanced.

Rating: 6

5. 2007 The Eyrie Vineyard Pinot Blanc ($12.99)

Nose: Russell smelled a bad hookup and Jessalyn also smelled a sweaty boy. Brent got some smoky mold, Nikki got Ruby red grapefruit, Alea smelled aftershave, Katie got petroleum. Tim smelled latex, Katie got some grapefruit and Russell got burnt eraser.

Palate: Dave tasted this and pronouced “oh god!”, Nikki smelled pumpkin and black pepper and Riana got sour and bitterness. Kelly smelled some “cheesy euro dick…. what!”. Karl says that’s a huge wedge (the cheese) and Kelly said “That’s what she said”.

Rating: 4


6. 2004 L’Ecole No.41 Columbia Valley Barrel Fermented Semillion ($11.50)

Nose: Russell smelled sesame and Katie got ass… phalt.  Kelly and Alea both thought it was yeasty and Nikki picked up on some gasoline.

Palate: Brent tasted some alcohol, but Karl did not like the taste. Jessalyn got some hot, oaky, vanilla bourbon. Katie tasted vanilla and Kelly got whiskey. Alea  tasted rose and Nikki got gummi cola.

Rating: 4

7. Pacific Rim Chenin Blanc ($12)

Nose: Dave thought this one looked a bit syrupy. Tim smelled some strawberry, Alea smelled uncooked salmon and cucumber. The girls smelled nuts, Nikki: walnuts, Katie: almonds.

Palate: Russ and Dave both thought this wine was very sweet. Karl got nutty and Alea said it tasted like flat sprite and gave it a thumbs down. Kelly thought it tasted like wine made for white people.

Rating: 4

Group foto

8. 2007 (Eve) Charles Smith Wines Chardonnay Washington State ($10.99)

Nose: Riana smelled some coconut and Katie got macadamia nut. Alea picked up on some banana boat sunscreen and Nikki smelled salty snacks.

Palate: Kelly got thought it tasted appley and Alea just said it was unremarkable.

Rating: 4

9. 2007 Willamette Valley Chehalem Inox Chardonnay ($22)

Nose: Dave smelled urine, Katie got barnyard, and Nikki picked up on some fermaldahyde. Kelly got funk, olyne. Tim thought it smelled like a dirty shower.

Palate: Katie thought this wine tasted buttery, Nikki thought it was sweet but bitters, and Kelly got dissolved sulphur dioxide. Katherine tasted some bubbly action.

Rating: 2

10. 2007 Tefft Cellars Black Ice Yakima Valley ($21 half bottle)

Nose: Tim smelled sherbet, Dave smelled pears in syrup, and Kelly got honey and apricot. Katie smelled some bellini and Alea got apple crisp. Nikki’s nose was going crazy and she got crisp chicken skin, old double sided yellow tape, and paprika. Katie smelled mango puree.

Palate: Mike tasted some canned apricot nectar. Katie got canned peaches in heavy syrup and Russ got apricots.

Rating: frozen grape/10


After the tasting was over we also had a few bonus bottles including a tercero grenache. Kelly thought it was nicely structured. Jessalyn said it reminded her of walking thought the woods like a fairy tale and Dave thought it was bouncy and it clung to his mouth in a playful way. We also tasted a tercero rose that was very refreshing and the nose was like Tropicana strawberry orange banana. Yum!




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