2.17.2010 Fernanda’s Lonely Hearts Club

7 04 2010

Just days after the big V-day, the fabulous Fernanda hosted an appropriately themed-tasting — “Fernanda’s Lonely Hearts Club”.  Wines of this evening fell into two categories bubbles to start off an amazing evening, and dessert wines to close it out. What happens in between the two is left to the imagination…


1. Codorniu, Cava, Spain ($10)

Nose: Katie got white peach and Ellen smelled peach gummies. Alea smelled crisp apples and Dave though it was peary. Fernanda noticed a scent of orange, while Kelly thought it smelled like lemon water.

Palate: Tim thought this bubbly tasted nice and dry, and Dave agreed noting it was quite dry. Kelly chimed in with “hella dry” and also tasted some day old lime. Katie thought it was fruity, like a wine spritzer and Andrew H picked up on some lime as well while Ellen tasted some light pear liquor

Rating: 6/10,  Retail location: Whole Foods


2. Blanc de Noirs, Cremant de Bourgogne, Vigernon des Terres Secretes ($18)

We started this tasting with a bit of edutoxication from Kelly “Cremant” is sparking wine from France that is not champagne. Tres intressante!

Nose: Katie smelled some orange blossom and vanilla and Ellen thought it was creamy. Kelly said that it smelled like yeast with which he wanted to make Brazilian cheese bread. (This might have been inspired by Fernanda’s delicious Brazilian cheese bread).

Palate: Ellen thought it was extremely dry on the finis and Kelly got a finish full of minerality. Eric said it reminded him of something salty or sour and Tim thought it had less bubbles than the last one.

Rating: 6/10 Retail location: Wine Merchant

3. Toad Hollow, Risque, Sieur d’Arques ($12)

Nose: Andrew and Fernanda smelled apples and Eric got lychee and white grape fruit juice. Kelly picked up on some lime and Ellen got super sweet pear. Alea thought it was syrupy and Fat Buchanan smelled some musty building.

HOLD UP…. Fat Buchanan? Yep he made his first appearance:

Fat Buchanan

Palate: Katie thought this sparkling tasted like sweet sparkling cider and Kelly tasted some lime simple syrup. Ellen got white grapefruit juice, while Tim merely tasted his childhood. Eric tasted some sweet and sour mix and green apple.

Rating 6.5/10, Retail location: Costco

4. Cuvee Rose Brut, Il Folio, Sumante ($20)

Nose: Tim smelled candy necklace, Ellen got lime pith, and Dave got pomello. Jessalyn smelled sour grapefruit gummies.

Palate: Dave thought it tasted like watered-down grapefruit and Ellen picked up on citrus rind. Katie said that it tasted like her grandmother’s favorite wine.

Rating: 5.5/10 Location: Urban Cellars

Pretty in pink

5. Presto Presecoo Brut, Italy ($10)

Nose: Ellen smelled pears, Katie smelled mango, and Alea got pineapple. Yum fruity! Kelly chimed in with papaya  and clear gummies and  Jessalyn just said “Rainbow Brite”.

Palate: Alea got dry pear and Katie tasted crisp linen.

Rating: 6/10  Location: Whole Foods

6. Freixenet Cava, Spain, Sant Sadurn D’Anoia ($6)

Nose: Alea smelled cat food on this one , while Dave went in the directional of cat pee. Ellen noted that it was the white cousin of funkberry and Jessalyn agreed that it was funky but said it grows on you.

Palate: Dave got “not cat pee” on the palate, and Katie thought it went well with salty cheese. Alea taste vanilla overpowered by dryness. Adam thought it would be good for mimosas and Ellen just said “Meh”.

Rating 4.5/10 Location: Trader Joes

Ah! It's a TIM sandwich

Onto the dessert wines!

7. Foggy Bridge Muscat, North Coast 2007 ($20)

Nose: Katie smelled lychee gummy candies and Ellen picked up on some cream soda. Alea got soap and Katie also smelled some lemon bar.

Palate: David thought it tasted creamy and buttery and Alea tasted butterscotch apples. Kelly noted some lime, Katie got icing glaze and Ellen got honey.

Rating 7/10

8. 2003 Chateau Pajzos, Tokaji, Hungary Aszu ($22)  [3 puttonyos –> measurement of sweetness]

Nose: Katie smelled canned fruit in heavy syrup and caramel, while Tim got olives. Jessalyn picked up on some rum and Ellen thought it was almost like a Wether’s Original.

Palate: Alea thought the taste was much better than the nose and tasted like fermented apples. Ellen tasted honey, David got almond extract, and Ellen just got nasal burn. Kelly tasted some apple syrup and David just said it was an interesting experience. Kelly said it was distinctive and had a je ne said quoi.

Rating 6.5/10 Location: K&L

9. <Whoops that one was corked!! And we forget to write down the name>


10. 1994 Quinta do Bucheiro, Porto, (late bottle vintage bottled in 1999) ($30)

Nose: Fat Buchanan got soy sauce on the nose and Jessalyn go A1 sauce. Tim O. got worchester, chocolate, and soy sauce.

Palate:Katie got natural black licorice. Joel G got cheap licorice and shoe polish… wait Joel G. wasn’t there?!! Who said that? Ellen got Chinese herbals medicine although considering that she failed Chinese school I’m not sure whether to take her word for it.  Katie got ginseng (ok maybe now I believe Ellen) and Alea got Jagermeister without the hangover.

Rating: 1/10 Location: no one cares

11. Yolumba “Old Sweet White” Barossa ($16)

Nose: A mystery person got molasses and cinamon, Ellen and Dave agreed that it smelled like baking a gingerbread house. Kelly simply smelled malty, malt balls.

Palate: Katie tasted a smokiness and some raspberry while Dave got brown sugar. Kelly picked up on maple syrup and cinnamon.

Raintg: 7/10, Location: Jug Shop

12. Rosenblum “Desiree” California, Dessert with with chocolate flavor ($20)

Nose: Ellen smelled blackberry crumble out of the over and Dave got chocolate by a warm fire. Kelly thought it smelled like artificial chocolate and David agreed specifically smelling Nesquik. Alea got some maple syrup and Tim O. got coconut.

Palate: David exclaimed, “delicious!”, but Kelly was put off by the artificial chocolate flavor. Tim O. and Alea both got coconut on the palate and Alea also tasted Malibu rum.

Rating: 7.5/10 Location: Rosenblum Winery

The lonely hearts club




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