3.24.2010 Wave Your Hands in Sancerre

4 06 2010

Wave your hands in the air… Wave em cause we’re drinking Sancerre.

Yes that phrase has a better ring to it but it was too long for a title so we did what we had to do. Don’t worry our hands our clean.

Sancerre line up

1. 2008 Domaine Rifault Sancerre ($20)

Nose: On the nose Colin got cherry blossoms and tropical fruit. He said “I hope it tastes as good as it smells”. Ellen smelled white funkberry and Katie got peaches and white pepper.  Alea thought it smelled like citrus mixed with apple.

Palate: Dave tasted green apple, Kelly tasted elderflower and Katie got honeysuckle, Katherine noted some citrus and Kelly said it was wonderfully round.

Rating: 8/10 Location: Vino!

2. 2008 Hippolite Reverdy Sancerre ($25)

Nose: Alea got pear right away while Dave thought it was grassy. Ellen smelled some faint citrus and Katie smelled both cantaloupe and vanilla ice cream.

Palate: Alea got citrus on the palate, and Katie also tasted lemon. Colin noted that this wine was pretty acidic compared the first one we tried and Ellen said it was more like watered-down citrus.

Rating: 6.5/10  Location: Swirl

Pun's pad

3. 2008 Grande Reserve Sancerre Henri Bourgeouis ($22)

Nose: Colin smelled lemon icing, Katie got walnut and macadamia nuts. Dave went somewhere totally different picking up on a “hint of man”. Colin bluntly followed up with simply “BO” and Dave countered by saying “in a good way”. Alea got us back on track smelling some pistachio and Katherine added passion fruit.

Palate: Colin tasted sweet vanilla on the front followed by lime fun dip. Kelly tasted stone and juice. Alea picked up on minerals and acid.

Rating:  6.5/10  Location: Vino!

4. 2008 Gerard Boulay a Chauvignol ($22)

Nose:  Katherine thought this wine was sweet like honeysuckle. Colin smelled BBQ sauce and chalk. Alea and her biological ticking clock smelled a baby and soft perfume. Dave asked if it was a baby hooker.  Kelly also thought it was perfumy with some notes of elderflower.

Palate: Ellen got some limey action on the back of the palate and Kelly found elderflower on the taste as well. Colin picked up on minerals and lemon and Alea just found it unremarkable. Dave thought it was like drinking rocks.

Rating: 5.5/10  Location: K&L Wines

Look at that fist.

5. 2008 Domaine Franck Millet ($17)

Nose: Alea smelled pineapple and Colin pointed out it was “mad pineapple”. Dave got some grass and barnyard nasal notes while Ellen smelled cheese rind. Kelly smelled lime

Palate: Tim tasted bell pepper, Dave got grapefruit, and Colin got sweet lemon. Kelly thought it tasted like Meyer lemon and Alea got sour, ridiculous pucker.

Rating: 5.75 (Meh!)/10  Location; K&L Wines

6. 2008 Domaine Andre Vatan Sancerre ($20)

Nose: Ellen got pear on the nose while Colin thought this wine smelled like bad weed.  Dave simply described the experience by saying “oh god”.  Kelly got some chemical funk, Katherine got stink, and Alea explained that it was like a rock that a cat peed on.  Katie thought it smelled like hot ass….phault.

Palate:  Dave just said “I drank it, it was gross”. Josh thought it was softer and less acidic.  Colin thought the taste was a bit bitter.

Rating:  5/10  Location: BevMo

7. 2007 Joel Delaunay Touraine ($12)

Nose: Kelly smelled a fruity sharpie, stolen from Katherine, who said it smelled like a sharpie. Alea got dirty socks.

Palate: Colin tasted sharp, white grape juice. Tim said “ no me gusta”. Katie thought it was peppery.

Rating: 6/10 Location: BevMo  (We marked this as a good value but reading the comments I’m having second thoughts).

8.  Domaine Franck Millet Pinot Noir, (Rose Sancerre) ($16)

Nose: Colin smelled yeast and Dave got dirt and cows. Alea picked up on some B.O.

Palate: Dave thought this wine was more buttery, but Alea just tasted a sock. Ellen said it was sweet at the beginning, but pithy at the end. I think she meant pithy as in citrus pith not as in

Rating: 5/10 Location: K&L Wines





2 responses

4 06 2010
Matt Wilson

You guys ROCK. I was in SF a few weeks ago. Wish I had met some of you! maybe I did if you were at the Wines of Chile tasting at Dogpatch studios.

This world of wine needs more people like you to get the stuffy pretentious crap about wine out and more contemporary stuff in.

Well done

7 06 2010

Thanks for the shout out Matt! Let us know if you are back in San Francisco again, or you can join our group on http://www.youngwinos.com and find a chapter near you. 🙂

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