04.07.10 Tomamos a Nuestros Amigos

19 06 2010

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure exactly what the title meant at first.  Alea hosted this fantastic event, and gave it the name, so I used Google translate and got “We take our friends”.  I’m going to guess that it is really, “We help our friends” since that was the idea behind the tasting.

Soon after the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile we were inspired to support these countries by drinking their wine. But Haiti didn’t have much to offer in this area so we gave them cold hard cash and then drank some excellent Chilean wine… along with a few of its neighboring wine…

Thank YOU, Alea, for typing up this blog post:

This week we tasted wines from Latin America at my house in Twin Peaks. We wanted to especially show support to counties that had been challenged by natural disasters, while also highlighting what great wines one can find for a great deal. We paired the wines with homemade empanadas veggie and carne, which we highly recommend.

Alea's DELISH empanadas

1: 2008 Carinae Vinedos y Bodega, Malbec Argentina

Rachele smelled strawberry. Kelly was getting a combination of girl products (above the waist) and watermelon on the nose, while I got a titch of citrus. Katie found the palate tart with a little bitterness. Kelly got a mouth full of juicy cherries. I felt it was more like under ripe bing cherries. Ellen simply tasted watered down grapes.

Rating: 6  available at the winery in Argentina

2: 2007 Kuyen, Syrah/Cabernet/Carmenere Valle de Maipo, Chile $27.50

Katie got diesel and leather on the nose.  Ellen thought it had a creamy nose. I was smelling prune juice. Rachele felt it was more like pomegranate juice. Kelly’s nose was full of smokey dokey artichokey without the artichokes at the same time he felt like he had smoked wild ass roaming around Chile (ie: rabbit, dear) and his nose. Katie as got deep fried batter as a nasal note. Ellen tasted a light peppery finish and arugula. Rachele was getting a tinny taste like aluminum foil. Shilpa thought the palate was spicy. I noticed it was hot on the finish. Katie got juicy raspberry with woodchips on the finish (interesting).

Rating: 7

winos ladies

3: 2007 Chono, Reserva Carmenere Maipo Valley, Chile $11

On the nose Katie got sweet and spicy red pepper. Ellen felt the nose was smooth and sweet. My nose was assaulted by dark fruit soaked in gasoline. Kelly said it a little smoke funk.  I found the palate less offensive with smoky cured meat. Rachele tasted camping (ie: campfire, gasoline, everything). If there is such a thing as grilled cherries that was what Katie tasted. Ellen got flat plum and Colin added it was like someone stepped on the plum.

Rating: 6.75 ( we were split 5/7.5) available at Vino

4: 2009 Viu Manent, Malbec Valle de Colchagua, Chile $6.50

Colin’s nose was tempted with the smell of spicy sausage. Shilpa smelled orange juice and Ellen got rose water. I was sure I was smelling fresh blueberry cobbler. Kelly said schnot, ohwait… (not sure what that means. I guess this marks the point of drunkenness). There was some debate as to exactly what kind of blueberries everyone tasted on the palate. Rachele was sure on the blueberry but felt there was some cinnamon also yummy. Colin was convinced it was actually blueberry pancakes we tasted. I felt it was more like blueberry plum on bacon.

Rating: 6

5: 2008 La Posta del Vinatero, Pizzella Family Vineyard Malbec Mendoza, Chile $16

I felt like this wine had a bold nose. Rachele thought it smelled like straight alcohol. Ellen thought it smelled cab-ish. Colin got fennel on the nose. Katie thought it was vegetal and spice. Kelly tasted tart blueberry. Colin thought it was actually sour blueberries and tannins. I tasted  the offspring of the passionate night of one Ms Blueberry and one Mr Plum. Ellen found it to have a malolactic finish, while Katie noticed vanilla extract notes on the palate.


Who doesn't want to pinch that cute little face?

6: 2008 Puerto Viejo, Malbec Mendoza, Argentina $11

Chocolate was what Katie got on the nose. Kelly felt it had a woodsy oaky and dark fruit especially prunes and plums palate. Shilpa smelled raisins, but all I could smell was more blueberries. Ellen thought she had put a cherry tootsie roll pop in her mouth rather than take a sip of wine. Rachele agreed. Red vines and flour was what Katie tasted. I was disappointed with black licorice.

Rating: 6.5

7: 2007 Marraso El Caballo Antiguo, Cab Sauv Mendoza, Argentina $10

Katie thought the nose smelled like rubber cement. Kelly got smoke berry on the nose. Ellen felt it was more of a blackberry.

Somehow, we got on the topic of child birth order. We discovered of all nine of us at the tasting are the oldest children….random or not????

Rachele tasted grape jelly on the palate. Ellen thought it has a tart finish. Kelly felt it tasted like juicy bland fruit. I added that I tasted a hint of pepper.

happy winos




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