04.21.10 Cab Sauv vs. Cab Franc – Brown Bag Blind Tasting

30 06 2010

For this tasting the Young Winos of San Francisco explored Cabs, of both the Franc and Sauvignon varieties. To make things interesting we did the tasting blind and each person guessed both the grape and region, with a prize given to the winner at the end of the night!

The wines: post-reveal

1. 2004 Cabernet Franc Mt. Aukum, California

Nose: Ellen thought this wine was jammy, Colin smelled sharpie, Russell smelled raisin and Dave smelled rum raisin. Alea got smoked leather,  Josh smelled oak and tannins and Jessalyn thought it smelled cold. Colin found some barrel notes.

Palate: Dave found a latex-y and astrigent-y taste on this wine. Alea thought it was like dark hotness which prompted Jessalyn to say it tasted like men. Kelly just said alco-mothafuckin-hot. Ellen said the tannins lingered on her tongue. Mary tasted pepper, Zack got some wood (on the palate), and Jessalyn noted some mushroom in a bad way. Alea thought this wine maybe needed to be decanted.

Rating: 5.5/10

2. 2006 Firestone Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Coast

Nose: Dave smelled buttered  popcorn, Alea smelled under-ripened blue and blackberries, and Jessalyn got blueberry filling. Jason picked up on some oak, Russ came up with stretched out blueberry scented rubber band. Kelly smelled fernet, Katie got prune juice and Jessalyn smelled jet fuel.

Palate: Dave thought the taste was more mellow than the nose. Alea said it tasted like a slightly experienced 22 year old (??). She also got mild fruit with a hint of tannins. Kevin added that the fruit was the age and the tannins were the experience. Jessalyn got a lingering finish, like bad lemonade.

Rating: 6/10

3. 2007 Lieu-dit les Vignoles Caves de Saumur, AOC Saumur Champigny Cabernet Franc

Nose: Jessalyn smelled some green bell pepper and mushroom pizza (yum, makes me hungry!). She also got some skunk specifically Pepe le Pizza. Alea smelled some earthy mushrooms and Ellen thought it was musty. Josh thought the nose was light and Kevin said it smelled like potting soil. Katie liked all the different smells and Mary thought it was like a cigarette when you put it out.

Palate: Russ just said ugh, and Kelly tasted some mellow tannins. Colin thought it was leafy, Alea tasted limestone, and Ellen tasted barn. Kelly also got blackberries picked off the first and Alea tasted overripe fruit.

Rating: 3.5/10

4. 2009 Charles Shaw (yes you read that right) Cabernet Sauvignon, California

Nose: Kelly and Dave both smelled tobacco and Kevin thought it was sweet. Rachele smelled perfume, Colin smelled toffee, and Ellen and Katie got salted caramel. Katie and Tim both got scents of a sugar plum fairy and Alea got yeast.

Palate: Mary tasted raspberry, Ellen thought it was like cherry cough syrup and Katie thought it was like the part of a warhead right before the sour part. Kevin thought it was easy drinking.

Rating: 4.5/10 –> Thanks to our score cards in which we were keeping track of our blind tasting guesses, we discovered that our fearless leader, Kelly, managed to rate this 2 buck chuck a 7.5. Nicely done, K-Naughty.

Kelly gives a thumbs up to 2 Buck Chuck

5. 2007 Bourgueil-Domaine Breton Nuit d’uresse Cabernet Franc

Nose: Colin smelled foot, Josh smelled earthy cow manure, and Zack smelled tobacco fertilizer. Kelly summed this all up by saying it was “ultra pooey”.

Palate: Colin thought this wine was super smooth, Zack got some acid, and Jason tasted a bit of pepper. Rachele got pine, Kelly said it was slightly tannic with blueberries and trace of minerality. Ellen had to plug her nose to drink it.

Rating: Peeps were split with ratings from 4 -8. Avg: 6/10

6. 1996 Big Horn Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa

Nose: Mary smelled Windex, Katie smelled burning tire rubber and sulfur, Dave smelled blueberry, and Ellen said it was musty alcoholic berry. Jess thought it was dry and peppery, Kelly got blackberry flavored black garbage bag.

Palate: Ellen tasted mild leather and tobacco and Alea tasted dark, balanced fruit,. Jason thought it was pleasant, Colin thought it was smooth.

Rating: Didn’t manage to rate this one and the tasting notes specifically say “Threshold wine, this is where it all goes downhill”

7. 2007 Duende-Clements Hills Cabernet Franc, Lodi

Nose: Colin smelled cinnamon, Katie got cherry, cranapple juice, and lavender  and Russ got a capecod with vanilla vodka. Jess thought it had a calm and relaxing smell while Rachele said butterscotch, and Ellen smelled airy raspberry.

Palate: Jess said yum! & blueberry. Kelly tasted vanilla soft serve, Dave got cassis, Josh said it was smooth and Ellen said easy drinking –> perfect for Gloria. Alea tasted hot pepper.

Rating: 7.5/10

Sorting out the wines

8. 2007 Baronnie Madeleine AOC Chinon, Cabernet Franc

Nose: Dave smelled garlic, Russ and Jason got sugar and Jess got sweet vanilla garlic ice cream. Colin smelled some dunkin donuts vanilla coolata, while Ellen smelled old library books. Kelly smelled fennel colored plastic.

Palate: Russ tasted cheese and lemon, Alea tasted pepper plums, and Kelly got leather. Ellen got alcholic jame and Dave tasted smuckers. Katie tasted eucalyptus, Kelly said it was piney and like Diet Coke.

Rating: 7/10

9. 2006 Frederic Mabileau, Cabernet Franc Burgueil

Nose: Colin smelled band-aid, Kevin got chloroseptic, and Alea smelled menthol and black licorice. Ellen smelled limoncello gone bad, Kelly smelled pinsol, Russ got ammonia, Jason chimed in with vapor rub, and Zack said cleaning chemicals (definitely a trend here). Jess smelled vasoline and Katie got a more pleasant smell of gardenia.

Palate: Dave tasted mint, Alea got some menthol in the mouth and wanted to throw up. On the other hand Ellen said it was musty in a good way and Mary tasted some oak.

Rating: FAIL, did not write down.

After tallying up all the points (1 point for guessing CF or CS, and 1 point for guessing the region), Dave took the prize with an incredible 17/18 points. Unbelievable!! Here she is with her prize: wine of course!

Dave crushes the competition




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