06.02.10 Favorite Wine Night

26 08 2010

Post by: Ellen Pun

We at the Young Winos of San Francisco all love… wine. To celebrate another Wino Wednesday and general love of each other and the wine, we decided to keep it simple and have everyone bring their favorite wine to Kelly’s pad and indulge in a few favs.



Here’s what we tasted:

Pre-Tasting: 1998 Zinfandel, Russian River Valley, Zeigler Vineyard

Nikki generally did not like it.  Then again, Nikki generally doesn’t like Zins.  We weren’t too note crazy here but the overall conclusion was that this wine was pretty meh.

1. 2009 Fallegro Lamora Italian Gionni Gagliardo $16

On the nose, Russ smelled Vienna sausage and Zach smelled spaghetti.  Colin smelled old people and Josh smelled cow manure. Nikki got banana Now ‘N Later, white nectarine, and parsley and Alea smelled ABC bubble gum.

Jason tasted cheese on the palate and continuing on Nikki’s nasal note, Alea tasted 99 bananas. Matt tasted lemon, Zach tasted Pellegrino and Colin thought it was minerally.  The old people streak continues with Josh who said he tasted nursing home.

Rating: 4.9/10*
*Note this is our first actual accurate mathematical average! Yes, we busted out the calculator

2. 2003 Sonoma Cutrer Founders Reserve Pinot Noir – $30/ case price $15

Alea smelled cranberry and a mildly earthy smell.  Josh smelled vanilla and Nikki smelled baking spice and gingerbread; Kelsey smelled cinnamon.  Colin thought this wine smelled like the inside of a French chateau and I thought it smelled like wet stone.

We all tasted fruity notes on the palate:  Katie tasted strawberry, Nikki tasted hot, dried fruit.  Alea tasted a light fruit – raspberry medley.  I tasted dark cherries.  Josh thought this tasted like a light Zin while Jason thought that it was a big Pinot with a creamy palate.

Rating: 5.14/10

3. 2006 Domaine Chandon Carneros Pinot Noir – $15

Julia smelled beans and Josh thought this wine had a smoky nose.  Alea thought it smelled earthy and Katie picked up something meaty… maybe pork chops?  Nikki thinks that this would pair well with burritos and she also think it smelled like dark plum.  Colin picked up a foot-kind of smell and I picked up scents of an old library book.   There’s also a note here that Zach smelled Ruby on a Wednesday… not entirely sure  what that smells like.

Alea thought the palate was surprisingly hot and Nikki echoed the sentiment saying that it was super hot!  I thought the finihs was syrupy and Kelsey tasted applewood smoked bacon.

Rating: 5.38/10

4. 2002 Joseph Swan Zinfande, Mancini Ranch, Russian River Valley – $17

I smelled strawberries and Colin smelled cherries and chocolate in a forest.  Russ smelled licorice and Kelly thought it smelled leathery.  Nikki got caramel apple pops and candy cane.  Alea thought it smelled like Christmas and Jason thought it smelled like an old wine.

Colin thought this wine had a mellow and smooth palate.  JOsh thought it tasted like the blood of CHrist while Nikki tasted licorice.  Katie thought it tasted like vinegar and Kelly commented that it was super high in acid.

Rating: 4.73/10   Location: K&L

5. 2004 Hawk Creek Vineyards Zinfandel – $Priceless

Colin thought this smelled like licorice leather, starchy and wheaty.  On a similar note, I smelled raw flour.  Katie thought it smelled like hot prune while Nikki thought it smelled umami.  Matt thought this wine smelled like Play-doh.

Kelly tasted raisins and Alea tasted raisin cough syrup.  Josh tasted alcohol and Nikki tasted burning alcohol.   Russ tasted an oversweeted Manhattan with too many cherries.  Katie sums it up best with “ick.”

Rating: 4.55/10

There was a quote from Nikki interjected into the notes: “Rape is sometimes good, ___ never is.” >>> Unfortunately it appears that this brilliant nugget of wisdom has been lost forever due to illegible notes.

6. 2007 Ridge Vineyard Buchignani Ranch Carignane – $36

Katie smelled buttered popcorn and Nikki smelled Jelly Belly.  Colin smelled band-aid. I smelled so much butter I thought I was in Paula Deen’s kitchen.  Josh smelled vanilla and Kelly smelled butterscotch.

Nikki thought this wine was bland while Jason and Katie thought it was smooth.  Russ tasted a Greyhound or maybe just grapefruit juice.  Colin thought it tasted like Juicy Juice and Katie thought it tasted like the best Jolly Rancher.  I tasted plum, Matt tasted Redwood saw dust and Alea thought it was unbalanced and slightly hot.

Rating: 6.20/10

7.  2007 Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendocino – $12

Kelsey smelled burnt brown sugar and Alea smelled potpourri. Kelly smelled pizza and Nikki got more specific with a pepperoni pizza combo…and yams.  Colin thought it smelled like leather and cured meat.

Colin tasted grass and I thought it tasted acidic.  Kelly tasted cassis and Zach thought it tasted sour.  Katie tasted leather and Alea thought it was unremarkably mild.  Nikki tasted Indian chewing gum.

Rating: 5.52/10

8. 2007 Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Black Label Claret Cabertnet Sauvignon – $16

Kelly smelled breakfast: bacon/maple syrup.  Josh thought it had a nice nose.  Nikki smelled vanilla, coconut and dill as well as fried homemade noodles.

Katie tasted white pepper and Russ tasted ketchup.  We got a little distracted, good thing this was the last bottle.

Rating: 6.1/10

the end




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