06.16.10 Oh hey! It’s Rosé.

23 09 2010


1. Veuvre du Vernay, Brut Rosé, France

Nose: Katie thought it smelled toasty, Ellen got a little funk, and Kelly smelled plastic.

Palate: Katie tasted soapy strawberry on the palate, while Ellen got watered down Torani Strawberry syrup.

Rating: 6/10, Price: $9.50, Location: Swirl.

2. 2009 Cep Rosé (Pinot Noir) Sonoma Coast

Nose: Ellen said it was bright and florally, Kelly smelled cranberry water, and Nikki got valentine candy hearts. Alea came up with marshmallows with nail polish remover on top. What the what?

Palate: Katherine tasted honey on this wine while Katie got a slightly creamy and buttery flavor. Colin said grapefruit soda, Ellen thought it was easy-drinking, and Alea tasted strawberry and peaches. Kelly noted a bright red cherry flavor on the finish.

Rating: 6.68/10, Price: $17, Location K&L

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3. 2009 Domaine des Corbillieres Touraine Pinot Noir Rosé

Nose: Colin smelled “almost nothing” and Kelly got almost watermelon. Ellen echoed the sentiment by smelly “fruit from far away”. Nikki smelled the outside of fruit and maybe a wet dog, while Dave said there was potential for fruit flavor. Tim O. broke the mold by saying he smelled some pineapple and Katie just smelled a rock.

Palate: Ellen picked up some tart flavors on the finish. Colin thought it was very nondescript and both too tart and too sweet. Nikki agreed noting it was thin and watery.

Rating: 4.5/10, Price: $14, Location: Plump Jack

4. Domaine de Beau Pré Coteaux D’aix-en-Provence (40% Carignan, 30% Cinsault, 30% Cab Sauv)

Noce: Kelly said it smells like air, and Alea got almost grapes. Colin on the other hand smelled a light odor of feet while Nikki got baking spice and Katie picked up on some minerals.

Palate: It was all about  candy with this wine. Kelly tasted a cherry jollyrancher, Alea got a watermelon jollyrancher, Dave said butterscotch, and Nikki thought Werthers. Kelly tasted vitamin water while Nikki got lemon pith. Russ just said “I want to say grass that’s not true”. Um ok.

Rating: 4.5/10, Price: $16, Location: Wine Impressions.

5. NV Casal Garcia Rosé Wine Vinho Verde, Portugal

Nose: Nikki smelled guava and passionfruit and Alea got mangoes. Ellen specifically smelled passion, orange, guava juice from CMC dining hall. Kelly thought tropical pinesol.

Palate: Alea thought this wine was buttery and Nikki got banana. Ellen tasted some Arbor Mist Peach but Colin’s palate got Bartels and James (to-may-toes, to-mott-toes). Russ tasted mango nectar.

Rting: 5.5/10, Price: $9, Location: Bi-Rite

FACT. owl rings are best


6. Bonterra Rosé Mendocino

Nose: Katie smelled coconut and vanilla coffee creamer. Colin smelled coffee and honey and Kelly smelled effervescent straw-cherry. Nikki thought it smelled like Ellen. Alea picked up on raspberry lemon sorbet.

Palate: Russ tasted butter sode and Colin tasted pina colada and vanilla bean.

Rating: 6.09/10, Price $10, Location: everywhere

7. 2009 Dashe Vin Gris, Dry Creek Valley

Nose: Colin smelled unagi, Dave got a funcky smell like weird meat and Nikki got celery.

Palate: Ellen thought it tasted like creamy raspberry, while Nikki got more Absolut Raspberry.

Rating: 6.7, Price: $13, Location: Dashe (Oakland)

other winos make an appearance





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