06.23.10 Let’s Do It Animal Style

23 01 2011

You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals
So let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel…

For this edition of the YWSF we did it animal style: bottles with animals on the label. And for a slight twist, we did a blind tasting. Winos must swirl, sniff, and taste and then guess both the varietal and THE ANIMAL!

1.  2004 Iron Horse Sparkling Classic Vintage Brut ($28)

Nose: Nikki smelled lemon jelly in doughnut, Kelly got lemon yeast and baken lemon, while Tim smells custard an lemon bars. Ellen picked up hints of lychee asian candy… she would.

Palate: Katie tasted hay, Alea just said yumminess and Nikki got some greenish hay like a minerally farm. Ellen tasted Calistoga mineral water and the 100 acre wood. Russell pulled out sugar-free bud light lime. Does that even exist?

2. 2009 Yellowtail Shiraz- Grenache ($8)

Nose: Katie smelled some fig newton while Nikki smelled electrical kitchen appliance with yellow cake batter. Russ and Alea both got some meaty action and Ellen thought it was flinty wood chips. Colin just smelled some Jager. Tim and Russ bought thought seafood, Kelly got black currant, and Alea got fairy plums (she love fairies).

Palate: Nikki tasted a maple syrup finish and Tim tasted gummy raspberry candies. Colin got some raspberry crunch from Patisserie Delange and Susan tasted wood smoke.

**Note: this wine was chosen and dedicated especially to Nikki 🙂

3. 2006 Goat Father Red Wine South Africa ($10)

Nose: Colin smelled leather, Dave got double leather (kinky), and Ellen got dark fruit. Kelly picked up some smokey notes, Nikki said plum and cinnamon, Katie got spicy cove.

Palate: Nikki tasted plums, Twaggles got dry dirt, and Katie tasted green bell pepper. Kelly noticed blackberry jam and Ellen said chocolate raspberry cake.

4. NV Rex Goliath Vin de pays de l’Herault ($7 – Trader Joes)

Nose: Alea smelled a berry melody on this baby, while Susan notes some strawberries. Tim got some sort of nuts, pine nuts. Colin smelled anise and Kelly got pizza.

Palate: Kelly tasted sweet balsamic pinot reduction but Alea thought it was bitter. Katie picked up on some old strawberry and south african road kill with rotten berries. Nikki got tasted moist dirt (mud?).

5. NV Owl House Red Wine California ($9)

Nose: Katie smelled some mild boysenberry and Alea smelled feet. Kelly clarified that it was footberry.  Kelly and Tim B both tasted some Justin Biebs in this wine too. Nikki smelled plum again.

Palate: Tim tasted pomegranate while Ellen got artificial cherry syrup. Kelly again provided some clarification that this wine simply tasted like “suckberry”.

6. 2006 Bear Bottom Creek Zinfandel North Coast ($10 – Urban Cellars)

Nose: Tim B. smelled spray gel hair spray (gay.) and Alea had fruit snacks on the brain. Kelly’s nose went a bit crazy smelling some raspberry jam and maple donut with bacon on top. Katie added burnt toast and Colin went out on a limb smelling pool chlorine.

At this point Nikki was telling us how Chris was going to visit his German Jew friend. Kelly pondered out loud” A jew in germany, how did he survive?” We quickly pointed out that —  lucky for Chris’ friend — the Holocaust occurred long before he was born. Oh, Kelly.

Palate: Tim got the after taste of sour sough and Alea tasted a glass of wine in Miami. Ellen got the after taste of san tasti which is kind of ironic. Someone tasted cucumber skin and Hendricks and Nikki got disgusting dirty raisins. I guess we know how she feels about raisins.

7.2008 Molino De Laerto Tempranillo Carinenda P.U. Spain (I’m sure this is half wrong) ($8)

Nose: Nikki smelled Now & Laters and Pert Plus, katie thought the nose was high in alcohol, and Kelly just said “dick” (typical). Alea thought it was musty, and Ellen just said gross.

Palate:  Katie and Ellen both made a gross face after tasting this wine and Alea offered the descriptive of carrot/celery V8.

8. 2007 Terra Saria Petit Verdot Mendocino ($15)

Nose: Tim smelled blackberries, Dave got a dinner roll, and Alea picked up on seaweed/ noori. Nikki smelled gasoline and Colin chimed in with sex panther cologne.  Nikki (who can never just give one descriptive) also smelled rubber cement and tree bark. Kelly updated it with rubber blackberries that would bounce. ???

Palate: Alea tasted a berry orgy, and Nikki added that it would be safe, as in use a condom.

9. 2009 La Ferme Cotes de Ventoux ($10)

Nose: Ellen smelled sugar cane, Tim added caramelization, and Alea thought it was as she would image true blood tasting like. Colin gave it a thumbs down and said it smelled like buttered popcorn (contradictory IMO). Kelly smelled gay berry.

Palate: Dave tasted rust nails and everyone else was drunk.


1 point was given to a correct varietal and 1 point to a correct animal. The winner of the evening with a non-impressive score of 9 was K-Naughty pants, Alea came in second with a score of 7, and Dave (our previous blind tasting winner) came in last place with only a 2.

Then some people got ICED.




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