07.08.10 Red, White, and Bleu Cheese

16 02 2011

In a hardly clever effort to make a 4th of July themed tasting, and probably after knocking back a few, Kelly came up with the concept of pairing red and white wine with bleu cheese.

The evening started with an immediate icing:


iced, iced, baby

Onto the wines…

the line up

2007 Dr. Loosen “Blue Slate” Kabinett Riesling (Mosel-Saar-Ruwer), $24
Nose: Colin smelled wet stones and pear tree, Nikki said hella wet stone, flint and riverbank, Alea got lime pith, Katie said wax (more crayon), Tim  W. agreed with the Crayola comment, Kelly got elderflower.
Palate: Nikki got nectarine and canned fruit syrup, Russ got “sweet!”, Colin got tart canned peaches, Kelly got lemon oil, Alea got :-p
Score: 7/10
Purchased at Swirl on Castro

2007 Monson Family Estates, Stonecap Riesling (Columbia Valley), $8
Alea smelled a marriage between elderflowers and oranges, Borjas got Mediterranean with some tomato sauce and basil up in his nose-piece, Colin recalled huffing (or tasting?) orange flavored Magic Marker, seconding this kind of degeneracy Russ got light blue Mr. Sketch marker, Katie went big with unripe pomelo and citrus, Ellen found it crsip and tart, Nikki loved that it smelled like Valentine’s candy hearts, and ever the drunkard Kelly thought it smelled like Hangar One mandarin blossom vodka.
On the palate, Alea’s taste buds were assaulted. Everyone else stopped drinking it shortly thereafter. Katie or Ellen drew a :-/ face on the notes. Some insightful wino remarked that it was like when Shaq said, “Kobe – tell me how my ass tastes.”
Score: 1.9/10
Purchased at Spencer & Daniel’s

red, white, and bleu (cheese)

2009 Tenute Sella Casta della Lesia (Piedmont, Italy), $23
Katie got OMG pear on the nose, Borjas – true to being a fruit – got banana chips, nutty Nikki got hazelnuts, Twaggles got circus peanuts, probably reminding him of his roots. Alea’s shit kept shit bananas by suggesting 99 bananas and also Big League Chew, Russ got sour apple bubblegum, Colin got apples lyinig on the ground under a tree.
Colin found the palate bitter and sour. Always an easy victim, Alea’s taste buds were assaulted yet again, but this time Russ got in on the taste bud assaulting action too. Katie and Twiggy got sour green apple, Dave got medicine (it was underlined in the notes), Borjas got tropical fruit and coconut.
Score: 3.9/10
Purchased at Rockridge Market Hall, Oakland

2007 Wertzberger Grenache/Syrah, McDowell Valley (Mendocino, CA), $23
The gays may have been sick that night, because Borjas smelled medicine. And cherry pie filling. Colin got sweet innocent virgin sugar plum fairy, obviously referring to Kelly. Kelly got red fruit candy. Nikki got creme brulee, paprika, and seasoning salt.
On the palate, Ellen thought it was supes tart. Katie ate a piece of asiago cheese and decided this is how Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans comes up with gross flavors. Alea got the gay sickness and said cherry Robitussin. Nikki got twizzlers.
Score: 5.2/10
Purchased at The Hidden Vine, SF

twaggles is not amused that russ is getting noms first

crisis averted

2002 Fetzer Syrah (Mendocino, CA), $12
In a caffeinated rage, Nikki got black tea and coffee on the nose. And plum. Colin got the dried old people version of those known as prunes. Twiggity got hazelnuts, Katie got whoa… nutmeg, Alea got RC Cola, Ellen got alcohol.
On the palate Katie got raisins? (she doesn’t like them), Borjas got smoky on the tongue, Kelly got blackberry and plum Sharpie ™, Katie got bad parts of black licorice, Ellen got fennel, Alea’s RC Cola went flat.
Score: 5.2/10
Purchased at Fetzer Vineyards

2007 Rosenblum, “Maggie’s Reserve” Zinfandel (Sonoma Valley), $35
Nikki smelled soy sauce but not in a good way. So like evil soy sauce or some shit. Katie got vanilla extract. Ellen 2.0 got creamy fruit.
On the palate, SOMEone said blueberry, Russ thought it was Port-y, Katie wanted this wine on her orifices, saying “I want this wine in my mouth BITCH!” She also got eucalyptus. When koalas aren’t juiced up on eucalyptus, they’re angry savage beasts that will rip your face off, like Kelly without alcohol.
Score: 7/10
Purchased at Rosenblum tasting room

picture perfect




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