07.14.10 The French Revolted…Let’s Drink Wine!

20 02 2011

Bastille Day may not be celebrated in the US. But the French know wine and any reason is a good reason to celebrate, especially if the bourgeoisie were storming the Bastille against Louis & Marie to fight for freedom. On that note, we decided to taste some French whites this week to celebrate the occasion. Allons-y!

1. 2008 Vielles Vignes Chablis (Gerard Tremblay)

Nose: Ellen smelled some white funk and white grape. Katherine smelled honey while Colin got some more citrus notes with lemon/lime. Tim O. thought this smelled like white lightning and Kelly just thought it smelled like the color white… and a fresh spring day.

Palate: sColin thought that it tasted like watered down lemonade, but he still liked it. Kelly thought it finished with a bunch of acid. Katie tasted pineapple and Ellen tasted, more specifically, pineapple gummies.

Rating: 6, K&L Wines, $19

Even the cheese wanted in on the action

nom dot com

2. 2004 Clos du Papillon, Savennieres Chenin Blanc

Nose: Katherine smelled asphalt and along the same lines, Colin picked up a rubbery tar scent. He thought it smelled pretty messed up. Incidentally, Katie made a note that pretty messed up was “How [she’s] getting later tonight.” Prior to getting messed up though, she smelled a wet rock. She and Ellen both love a good wet rock scent. Kelly thought it had a diesel-y petrol smell like a Gewürztraminer…and a fresh condom.

Palate: This wine tasted a lot better than it smelled. Colin tasted ginger ale and Katherine liked it a lot more than she thought she would. Katie thought it was nicely tart and Ellen enjoyed the really acidic, wet rock taste.

Rating: 5.75, K&L Wines, $12.99

In between wines 2 and 3, there was a brief interruption in the notes with the Bootie website. For anyone who would like to know more about Bootie, please visit BootieSF.com.

3. 2008 Pouilly Fuissé Louis Jadot

Nose: This third wine had much more pleasant smells than the previous one. Tim O. smelled green apple. Colin smelled vanilla. Ellen thought this had a weak nose while Kelly smelled lemon meringue… or a lemon meringay.

We were all momentarily distracted by the Savage Garden song that came up on the playlist. Chick-a-cherry cola anybody?

Palate: Ellen tasted a lime and stony taste. Everyone agreed (because she is awesome). Colin thought it was pleasant and light.

4. 2008 Jaffelin Chardonnay Mâcon Péronne
Ellen thought it smelled like a steamed lotus leaf, smells of her Asian childhood. She also smelled brie. Katie and Colin thought it smelled funky.

Ellen’s palate had died by this point. Katherine thought it was sweet and Colin added that it was also bitter. Kelly thought it tasted like vanilla French toast.

There were likely more than 4 wines tasted that night but in the spirit of revolution, we gave up on notes and order and just drank instead.




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