08.25.2010 East Bay East Wines

23 03 2011

We got together at Nikki’s house in Oakland and in honor of the East Bay, we picked wines having something vaguely to do with east-ness. We won’t even try to explain why each of the following wines has something to do with east.

1. 2008 bibich debit, North Dalmatia

Nose: Katie identified croissant and pear, which Ellen amended to canned pear. Kelly smelled citrus honey and Nikki found an apple turnover. Colin was less friendly and described odors of skunk and gasoline.

Palate: Katie had apple juice with “whoa” acidity. Nikki expanded the apple juice theme to third grade snack time with graham crackers and old citrus. Colin thought it tasted like Dr. Kovach (this wine is from the Balkans somewhere) and Darren thought it was just watery.

Rating: 5/10 Rockridge Market Hall, $15

2. 2008 Edmunds St. John Bone-Jolly Gamay Noir, El Dorado County, Witters Vineyard

Nose: Colin noted funk and BO, “like the French resistance,” whatever that means. Nikki said it was like a playful mixed berry smoothie, Kelly got raspberry funk play-doh, and Katie also smelled play-doh with a hint of paprika. Ellen thought it smelled like half-baked Sculpy.

Palate: Kelly had cherry vanilla with nice acidity. Nikki tasted Juicy Juice while Katie had Capri Sun. Nikki also added happiness. Darren said childhood and watermelon, but Ellen must have been a sickly kid because her childhood tasted like cherry cough syrup.

Rating: 7.29/10 Rockridge Market Hall, $17

3. 2007 Yarden Galilee Mount Herman

Nose: Darren said it was peppery and black, while Colin smelled blackberry. Nikki had plum and Ellen smelled juiced fennel.

Palate: Colin thought it tasted like blueberry cobbler. Nikki added a raisin finish with chocolate covered blueberries.

Rating: 6.5/10, Swirl, $18

4. Bordeaux Domaine de Bouscat

Nose: Ellen really liked it, David said it was soft and enveloping. Nikki smelled toasted coconut and homemade whipped cream, while Katie added vanilla. Darren thought it smelled like France.

Palate: Ellen found it smooth with sediment, Katie complimented the “sexy tannins,” and Colin thought it tasted like brambles.

Rating: 7.68/10, K&L Wines, $15

5. Valpolicella Fumamelli

Nose: Ellen smelled a library, while Colin had prunes and Nikki found sugar cookie dough.

Palate: Ellen thought it tasted tart, Katie identified pink sweet tarts, and Kelly tasted black cherry.

Rating: 6/10, Swirl

6. Little Penguin Pinot Grigio

Nose: Nikki smelled pineapple and papaya, Katie petrol, and Colin rubber cement.

Palate: Nikki said less residual sugar (than she was expecting?) and Colin thought it was sweet but OK.

Rating: Lost to the sands of time

We also tasted the 2008 Sangiovese Collezione di Paola, but the details are lost to the sands of time.

Katie managed to take two shitty pictures:




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