09.01.10 South of the Border

28 03 2011

1. 2009 Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontes Argentina I.P. Salta ($14 K&L)

Nose: Alea smelled Lemon Startburst, Nikki smelled orange blossom and Colin got mineral. David got hints of elderflower, Kelly smelled Jasmin, Russ got grass juice, and Ellen smelled limeade.

Palate: Ellen tasted candy, Alea got young lemoncello, while Katie tasted Lemon head. Kelly got a little bit of sugar and Nikki got a little bit of sweet tart.

Rating 6.3/10

Beautiful View from Liberty House

2. 2009 Noble Aconcagua Torrontes Mendoza Argentina ($13 K&L)

Nose: Colin – grass, David – rosewater, Katie – wetstone, Nikki – cotton candy, Ellen – minerally, Kelly – lemon verbania and warm hangar one manderine. Nikki also added Pert Plus Green Apple Flavor.

Palate: Kelly tasted grey stone in lemon juice, Colin got caramel/butterscotch, and Alea tasted tart citrus. Ellen also got lemon juice but sweet and Taichi tasted Orangella.

Rating: 5.7/10

3. 2008  Meli Riesling Maule Valley ($13 K&L)

Nose: Colin smelled raw gasoline /sex panther. Katie smelled rubber inflatable mattress and water wings. Ellen just made a foul face. Russ got some honey.

Palate: Katie tasted key lime and Kelly got green apple/cream. Alea thought it got better with time and Ellen said it was super tart. David said the wine was forgettable.

Rating: 5.14/10


4. 2008 Ritual Pinot Noir Casablanca Valley Veramonte  Chile ($21 Swirl)

Nose: Nikki smelled buttered popcorn/dill/1000 island dressing. Alea also got cucumber dill and Ellen got salmon dill and lemo. Colin smelled black licorice, Kelly got smoke pum, and David smelled Grandma’s attic.

Palate: Ellen thought the palate was creamy and Katie thought it was hot deep in the throat. Nikki tasted cherry and Kelly got Stoli Raspberry. Alea just thought it was black and Colin tasted cats on a treadmill.

Rating: 4.05/10

5. NV Dona Lupe, Barbera Grenache ($220 pesos, wine was acquired in Ensenada, Mexico on a bachelorette cruise/wine tour)

Nose: Russ smelled choco-mint, Ellen got fennel, and Katie got menthol licorice. Colin suggested cherry halls, red chloraseptic and green xmas tree air freshner. Taichi also got xmas tree shopping and Nikki added mint fernet.

Palate: Tim tasted landscaping, such as freshly trimmed hedges while Katie got Eucalyptus. Nikki tasted raisins/grass/Jaegar and Alea picked up on some aftershave.  Ellen just said EW and made a face.

Rating: 3.025/10


6. 2007 Carmenere Vina von Siebenthal (Chile)

Nose: Colin smelled soy sauce, spicy tuna roll, and vanilla. David got unagi sauce and Russ smelled jalapeno corn bread. Ellen smelled a leafy green veggie, Tim thought Chile, and Alea smelled cloves mixed with cayenne pepper. K-naughty smelled a smoky blackberry.  David smelled DP in the A (Dolores Park in the Afternoon)

Palate: Tim tasted blood and iron and Russ tasted jalapeno. Ellen got some fernet on the finish. Then there was something about periods and RU46. Alea said it tasted like the beauty of anti-parenthood.

7. 2004 Carinae Malbec Blend (Mendoza, Argentina) ($15)

Nose:  Russ smelled a burrito and Alea got mildly cured meat with allspice “oooh”Kelly smelled smoke and a black cherry cigar box. Ellen smelled black curant and Nikki got playground wood chips.

Palate:  Russ thought it tasted like fish and Ellen agreed adding fish sauce, and warm worcestershire sauce). Alea  thought it tasted meaty. Kelly tasted juicy black raspberry and Nikki tasted raw steak.

Rating 6/10

pun confused

8. 2008 Mas Malbec Mendoza Argentina ($11 K&L)

Nose: Kelly smelled Welch’s Grape juice, Alea thought it was unremarkable, and Colin tasted grape bubble gum .

Palate: Ellen thought it tasted like bad soy sauce, Kelly said it was grapey and Taichi said it was undeniably plum. Alea tasted meat sauce.

Rating: 4.9/10

9. 2008 Amalaya…

The notes fell apart here (obviously after 8 other wines). Here is the photographic evidence.




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