10.06.10 Wines of Northern Italy

1 04 2011

Ah, this is marks the point in time where we decide to stop giving credit where credit is due. Sorry kiddies! I think we’ve all shown that we can be accurate, clever, and perverted when describing wine. So we’ll try anonymous notes for awhile. Cuts down on both note taking and typing up. 🙂

1. Prosecco Valdobbiadene Sorelle Bronca Extra Dry

Nose: Peach and green pear.

Palate: White gummy bears, minerally, watermelon rind, peachy bubble gum, crisp.

Rating: 6.5/10

2. 2009 Moscato D’Asti Serralunge D’Alba Massolino

Nose: Peach O’s, honey, orange, summer fruite pie, elderflower

Palate: Stupidly refreshing, honey, honeydew melon.

Rating: Split 4s and 7s (out of 10)

3. Moscato #2  (that’s all she wrote)

Nose: Angel food cake, powered sugar dust, honey suckle, bubble gum, jasmine

Palate: orange, honey sticks

Rating: 5/10

4. Muller Thurgau

Nose: Wet stones, babbling brook, asphalt, lime juice

Palate: bitter, taste like nothing (like my life – KN)

5. 2007 Dolcetto di Degliani Bricco Del Cuco, Piemonte

Nose: Old library with leather club chair, white pepper, nutmeg, stewed blackberry

Palate: Smokey (BBQ), tannic, defrosted frozen fruits, plum, would go well with steak or smoked salmon.

6. Plazzo Della

Nose: Masarated mix berries, tar, barn dirt.

Palate: Dried black currant, tannic.

7. 1998 Barolo Alessaradro E Gian Natle Fantino (Vigna de dardi)

Nose: dirt and earth, berries, black licorice, creamy, rubbing alcohol (just a hint), anise, white pepper, chocolate, raspberry jame, graham cracker crust.

“This bitch is complex. I like peeling back her layers one at a time” – Katie

Palate: Red licorice, rose petals, aged to perfection.




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