11.10.10 Wintry Wines to Warm You

3 04 2011

aka the night Kelly’s sister came to winos and the first night we all met Mr. Casey Newton!

Special thanks to Kel and Adolfo for hosting this winos. BTW they have great lighting and a nice TV.

1. Sex Sparkling Wine, M. Lawrence, Brut Rose. Michigan

“Michigan? No wonder they named it sex. It was the only way they could sell it.” – Colin

Nose: Apple sauce, Something off like Michigan cranberry

Palate: Strawberry, church wine, Juicy Juice sparkling, in no way does this taste like sex, elevated Boones Farm.

2. 2005 Riesling, Anselman, Spatlese, Pfalz.

Nose: Honey, weed*, brie mold, slight diesel fuel, apricots.

Palate: Supa dupa sweet tasting, butterscotch, almond, fruit cocktail.

* There was no actual footnote associated with the asterisk.

3. 2008 Chiroubles, Daniel Bouland, Beaujolais.

Nose: Meat sando, strawberry tobacco for hookah, leather, father’s study, stone fruit, plum.

Palate: Cough syrup, fleshy plum, woody, hot.

4. 2006 Artessa Tempranillo, Alexander Valley.

Nose: Big oak trees, old raisins, barkyness, blackberry, American oak/whiskey and spicy bourbon.

Palate: Burning, cotton candy, really sweet like a hard candy you get from grandma, maple syrup, cough drop, like a Snuggie on your tongue. This fits the theme. It is hot.

5. 2003 Chateau Ferriere AOC Margaux

Nose: Tobacco, Berry Kix, funkberry, cinnamon, blueberry, Styrofoam, despair

Palate: Fireplace, floral, mild
“Enjoyable” – Alea
“I drank it all and forgot to taste” – Tim

6. 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Sunce, Alexander Valley.

Nose: Shoe made out of black licorice, shoe polish, pungent, silly putty

Palate: Candy, Long Island iced tea, herbalicious, anise, eucalyptus.

7. 2007 Zinfandel, Gia Domella, Russian River Valley.

Nose: Cougarsafter 5pm, blackberries, dishwasher, wonderful evening home by myself and the Rabbit, raisins.

Palate: Cranberry, spicy berry pie, delish haaaaaaaay… or just hay.

8. 2008 Les Oliviers Syrah

Nose: Musty old clap trap, Crème brulee, salami, ASS, piney woods full of nymphis, fennel sausage, pepper, barnyard.

Palate: Berry, peppery, plum watered down by currant, rhubarb, beef jerky, sweet cherry

9. 2008 The Velvet Devil, Merlot.

Nose: Butter, cured meat, marshmallows (love it!), Sweet Tarts and a foot, Ben Gay, wintergreen, sappy coffee.

Palate: Meaty, smooth and girthy! Dirty and bearish.

10. 2007 Onyx Shiraz

Nose: Goat foot, musk, the FiDi on a hot day, spice, pepper.

Palate: Dying, pre-cum, leather, bitter (like Alea if she never had children), unripe dark fruit.




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