5.11.11 She was a Bordeaux, part deux

6 07 2011

For the reference in the title check out the last time we drank some Bordeaux: She was a Bordeaux, fa sho.

But seriously kids, has it really been 4 months since our last winos? Unacceptable! Really we have no excuse other than we’ve had too much recreational wine drinking and hardly enough edutoxication.

This is our first Winos using the iPad for note taking, which will hopefully make our blog posts more timely. So far I’ve been just as lazy about posting. But here it is nonetheless. I’m going to give you the raw, unedited notes, this time courtesy of the lovely Dave Gehart.  Enjoy!

Hi iPad new notes machine!!

K wants to take notes, but she is full of burrito and Dave is typing

Sanoma coast Pinot-block 7
Nose:earthy coke a cola, d&k have too much willy silly, alcoholic rhaspberry, cran-razz, Casey is being rejected
Palette points: juicy black cherry that needs popped, hot flash in the mouth, similar to the nose, kinda like a burrito, juicy, rubbed Colin the “right” way
Another Pinot artesa
Nose: leatherberry, red thanks David, crayon, something meaty says the veg, rhaspberry fruit roll up, camp fire
Palette: cherry butter, biting, spicy, David is a slut for oak,
Ridge Zinfandel Paso Robles
nose: beefy mole, chocolate covered strawberry, bramble berry, Jammu,
Palette: black cherry, teraki, dirty ashtray for no rhyme or reason,
Ridge Three Valleys
Nose: tobacco, licorice, burning rubber, lube
Palate:  razzleberry, pomegranate juicy juice…if they made it, the same juiciness as when the pomegranate bursts!
Domaine de Montalon, bordeaux superior, 2006′
Nose: smokey blue cheese, funk
Palate:  dry, chalky

Kelly is the mayor of Valencia bottoms, also a blackout queen. Kelly is pouring heavy. Kelly has problems, but so does everyone

Katie wants to live in a cul du sac, also be an alcoholic… Halfway there. Hugh jackman dances like a gay boy

Alea’s womb is very active in the conversation

France sucks

Barriers to entry

Condoms are for sailors

We are three bottles zin

Dear ridge, we are drinking your dick, suck us good wine. Hearts and unicorns~ winos

Casey…like 8,000,000 penis and condom jokes




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