The Young Winos of San Francisco is a group for Bay Area twenty-somethings who want to meet cool people and learn about wine.  No prior knowledge of wine is necessary.  We meet for a tastings about once a week, typically Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Each week we will have a theme and you can either bring a bottle to fit that theme (price point is at your discretion) or bring a $10 donation. Find our next event and join our network here.

Would you like to send us wine samples or suggest an event for the Winos to attend? Please send an email to youngwinosofsf@gmail.com. We are willing to taste and review any kind of wine you can throw our way.


We are a conduit to a new generation of wine drinkers yearning for guidance and suggestions. The young winos of this day and age are a breed unlike any the industry has ever seen: discriminating in terms of quality, highly conscious of value, and thirsting for information. The savvy wine producer of today is the one who understands the importance of interacting with tomorrow’s wine drinker in a forum familiar to a younger generation.

~ Young Winos LA Chapter


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