Question: The Young Winos… That sounds cool, how does it work?

Answer: Pour, smell, taste, repeat.

Question: How do I find your events?

Answer: Sign-up on youngwinos.com, join the SF chapter and check the events page each week. Sometimes we will send out a mass email about an event, but we don’t like to spam everyone each week (or lets be honest we are sometimes just lazy) so check the event page to be sure.  Another easy way to find out about the event is to become Katie’s friend on the network. The website only lets you send invites to  friends and Katie usually invites everyone on her list (cause she is pretty cool and has lots of friends). Just remember all YWSF events are open to all young winos members, but RSVP early because space might fill up.

Question: Why do you limit the number of people at an event?

Answer: Since our events have been getting  bigger and bigger, we are going to follow the example of the LA chapter and cap the number of winos at 18 per event (or less depending on the size of the meeting space). One reason is because events are usually hosted at a member’s apartment (think sardines). Also you can only divide a wine bottle among so many people.

Question: Why can’t everyone bring bottles to tasting?

Answer: We are seeing more members and more wine at every meeting.  Because we take the time to taste, talk about, and take notes for each wine there are only so many that we can get through in one night. We’ve found this to be around 9-10 bottles.

Question: C’mon I swear I can drink a lot more than that!!  Can’t I just bring some extra bottles?

Answer: Honey, we can all drink you under the table. Stop bragging. The primary goal for our tastings is learn about wine and share that knowledge. Drinking happens fast, but tasting takes time.  Also it sucks if you bring a nice bottle for the theme and it ends up being the 12th bottle of the night and drunkies chug it. If you really want to bring more wine, contact Kelly, Katie, or the host of the event about bringing a “bonus bottle”.

Question: Ok, I get it. But you guys sometimes look really drunk in the photos on your blog. How can I be a part of that drunken, wine-love fest if you limit the number of bottles?

Answer: Don’t get your panties in a bunch. If learning and sharing wine knowledge is our first goal, than getting drunk is our second. To this end we will provide “bonus bottles” at the end of the wine tasting to even out our wine to people ratio.  Bonus bottles are for pure enjoyment and may not fit the themes of the evening. Other times we’ll plan a bar destination to hit after the tasting is over. You’ll usually find this info updated on the events page.

Question: How do you decide who gets to bring a bottle?

Answer: First come first serve. If you want to bring a bottle you need to indicate that on the event page with your RSVP. Once we have enough we’ll ask everyone else to bring $10.

Question: Where does my $10 go?

Answer: This is a great question. Here is a list of what we have planned so far, but suggestions are welcomed so please let us know if you have any ideas.

  • Higher-end bottles for certain tastings which we’ll provide
  • “Bonus bottles” (see above)
  • Food for certain themed-tastings that require more than cheese and crackers
  • Our own URL for our blog
  • Subsidize Young Winos T-shirts so that we can provide them at a low cost
  • Snack at events that not hosted at someone’s house (Winery Collective or other wine bars)
  • Hookers

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