08.18.10 Tour of Portugal

22 03 2011

After the World Cup Alea discovered a new found interest in Portugal — or at least their hunky soccer team —  so she wanted to explore Portuguese wine as well. There just might be more to Portugal than hot guys…

1. Casal Garcia Vinho Verde Rose ($7 Wine Mine)

Nose: Ellen smelled rose water and nail polish remover while Alea smelled strawberries. Kelly got some whiffs of gas station, and Katie pick up on notes of unripeness which Alea agreed with saying green pear.

Palate: Kelly tasted watered down black cherry and Katie got a tart strawberry. Alea picked up on lemon pitch and Ellen tasted vinegary strawberry jam.

Rating: 6/10

2. 2005 Aveleda Follies, Bairrada DOCG — 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Touriga Nacional ($15 K&L)

Nose: Alea got tawny portish and moldy closet and Ellen smelled man grape. Katie thought it smelled very meaty and Kelly added cured salami.

Palate: Kelly tasted black current and black cherry, Ellen said it was meaty, and Alea said it was raw. I think she was talking about the wine but it might have been the Portugese futball team.  Katie tasted moderate tannins and wants to pair this wine with food.  The group suggested pepper steak and hard cheese.

Rating: 6/10

3. 2005 Primavera, Special Selection, DAO DOCG

Nose: Alea smelled blackberry and plum and Kelly smelled pepper, pepper, pepper like peter piper picked a peppered plum. Ellen smelled li-hing powder (some asian thing?) and tart sour plum thing. Alea got notes of bubble gum flouride  and Apple wood bacon. Katie got some Febreeze action.

Palate: Katie tasted soft baby powers, green apple, and plum while Ellen tasted caramel molasses. Alea thought it needed to be decanted and Kelly thought the wine should be colder. He said it tasted like sweet watered down plum.

Rating 6.5/10

4. 2006 Douro Lavradores de Feitoria Vinho Tinto DOC ($10.50 Swirl)

Nose: Alea smelled caramelized fruit and butter and Ellen got brown sugar. Kelly thought it was sweet and Katie tasted pomegranates and pecan. Kelly thought he tasted got some warm rhubarb pie.

Palate: Katie thought it was light, easy drinking and non-descript. Kelly thought it was quaffable – i.e. don’t think it, just drink it. Ellen though it was kinda tart on the finish.

Rating: 5.5/10




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